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Risky mnemonics

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by simonc1978, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Vince_Ulam

    Vince_Ulam Star commenter

    It’s never a problem but it happens in all classrooms. Still, I find it appalling that you would carry any knife into a classroom of children and have them chip away beneath desks at dried chewing gum. I expect the school nurse went through a fair few eye patches.

  2. [​IMG]Community service Vince.
    Detentions help to clearly define standard.
    But they also give me a chance to listen to the students who are in trouble from their point of view, which is often really important in properly turning situations around.
    + you get the crack (that's Cumbria for gossip Vince - don't get excited) which can also be very useful.
  3. Vince_Ulam

    Vince_Ulam Star commenter

    You see this knifeplay as standard practice for school detentiona, then. Frightening.
    I have no idea how getting a child onto their hands and knees beneath desks to scrape away dried chewing gum with a cutlery knife you’ve produced could possibly be regarded as ministering to the needs of that child. I refer you to the YouTube clip posted earlier.
    I’m not excited; that noise you can hear is me being violently sick into the toilet of your humour.
  4. Can somebody please achieve this thread.
  5. My last Hod let 'mathswatch' and mymaths deliver 90% of lessons whilst they collected around 50k a year
  6. I don't use it much for class teaching. I will use it in class if I find a student has a specfic mental block. Because I can't teach them one to one, I'll set them the relevant mymaths stuff and then come and talk to them about it when I can grab a second.
    At A-level standard I teach a topic using rich examples and then set the mymaths lessons as homework. I find I can focus on higher quality teaching in class because I can rely on mymaths to cover the basics well - and the students can individualise to go at their own speed.
    How do you find time for teaching using rich and contextualised tasks at A-level bbibbler?
  7. pipipi

    pipipi New commenter

    Maybe bbibbler doesn't have a section for knife waving in the lesson plan, and that's where the time for using rich tasks comes from?
  8. pipipi

    pipipi New commenter

    I give this 24 minutes!
    Some comments are already being pulled.

    I hope you enjoyed Monday 9pm BBC4 Vince.
  9. A year 7 of mine, having just arrived in the UK after having had no education of any kind anywhere, was delighted to find the never ending supply of chewing gum under the desks! If only he had decided to pick the same colours, it might not have looked so bad!

    As for the thread itself (going back to page 1), never used risky mnomincs and never will, and sohcahtoa always worked better for me than trying to remember some rhyme.
  10. I have made the authorities aware of the posts that may be of concern
  11. Well done Betamale - I think the thread reads a lot better now. That was much better than having it pulled![​IMG] The stuff that was only abusive has gone (I think - unless anyone noticed anything else going?) leaving the relevant conversation intact.
    I'm so relieved it hasn't been pulled. There's a lot of good stuff in here.
  12. Many thanks to pipipi and MathsHOD for their kindness in replying to my question. I use pretty much the same methods as both of you and have found they work reasonably well. I still find that pupils generally view pressing 'sin40' as giving a magical number that they are none too sure of where it comes from but at least they can solve the trig questions. Thanks again for the replies.
  13. I've come across folk just the same who are also habitual tentickers. I wish someone would produce a package of some description that doesn't treat the teacher as an idiot (though 50k for getting the kids to read off the IWB is not bad going...)
  14. Vince_Ulam

    Vince_Ulam Star commenter

    I’ve made my voice heard at appropriate watering holes. It's important that people speak out about this issue.
    At the moment no concerns except these matter (3, 5).
  15. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    Me too Vince. Not long until Saturday.
  16. pipipi

    pipipi New commenter

    Not a rant Sara, I understand where you are coming from.
    However my current school will only purchase mymaths. I have argued for the use of 10ticks but not been allowed to purchase. However, I have resources from 10ticks that I like and have used successfully in a previous school that I did persuade to purchase it. I am reluctant to throw a good resource away because I don't have a licence.
    A bit like the school changing to academy needing a new licence, maybe?

    Autismuk, thanks for the film review! I will add the book to my reading wishlist.....
  17. Everytime I starting counting Nick and David stick another year on my calender
  18. pipipi

    pipipi New commenter

    I tried working it out as terms left to do. And was quite pleased when (having started at 120) it went to only 2 digits.[​IMG]
    Then someone invented the 6 term year.[​IMG]
  19. We use MyMaths. In terms of accessibility and cost, it's nigh on unbeatable. I agree with the differentiation problem but then again topics are levelled and the booster pack materials I've found go down well with students.
    It's certainly cheaper for schools than copying and printing a set of homeworks for every student.
  20. pipipi

    pipipi New commenter

    Vince, I'm not sure if you if you have watched WOTU this week. I know you don't like the presenter, so this week, about 20 mins in, you get to see him 'enjoying' the experience of 5G!
    And Harry Hill did a funny bit with both Cox and Professor Jim.

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