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Rising Stars Assessment

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by Sparky1985, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. We use them up to Year 4, they are ok I think but not great. The way they are structured means a child can score very low but it still correlates to a good NC level which I feel confuses them as they think they only ever need 3/4 marks when this isnt the case.

  2. Hi there. I work for Rising Stars and am on this thread gathering feedback for our Rising Stars Assessment products.

    We are bringing out new editions of assessment this year so I was very interested to read your comments and will be looking into this to improve the resources.

    If anyone has any further feedback after using RS Assessment, I am happy to provide an email address.
  3. I agree with sparky. They seem more like tests for specific levels than the SATs are. In the Year 6 reading and maths tests, just a few marks are needed to get a level 4. One problem of this is that the children find the tests very hard indeed (almost all questions are Level 4/5 questions in Y6, and you only need to get some L4 questions right to get a L4 so they can find the tests disheartening) while the teachers freak out when they see the raw scores ("Jenny only got 4 marks!") Their claim to be a way to support AfL is just marketing hype because the quality of information you get from the tests - even if you fill in the bar graph analysis sheets - isn't that great.
    I found Maths more useful than the Reading simply because we could tie in results with PNF blocks.
    But essentially they seem to be end of unit assessments, not general, periodic ones. So, for example, one reading test might be based on a single, short biography. Our assessment coordinator didn't realize this and wanted to use RS as a general, periodic assessment. What I would suggest to RS is that they produce more general, periodic assessments.
  4. lovely.lady

    lovely.lady Occasional commenter

    We've used Rising Stars this year for maths, English and Science and where the maths and science are OK, I do find that the reading comprehension part of the English to be very seriously flawed. The levels which are calculated from the tests are unbelievably high; too high! For example for year 5 (test 5) a score of 6/15 gives a level of 4C and when you analyse the types of questions there are in fact no literal questions (those that are simple and obtainable straight from the text), there is only 1 or 2 mark answers which when compared to old SATs would in fact be 2 or 3 mark answers.
    The writing genres are OK but we mark them using Roz Wilson marking!
    We have now decided not to use Rising Stars next year.
  5. Hi
    I am a literacy coordinator and we have used rising stars as a summative assessment for over a year. The problems are numerous. Our school is one of 9 within the same company. I have called a meeting with coordinators from all schools to discuss these problems and if there is anyway to overcome them We are reluctant to drop them as they are not cheap when you consider 9 of our schools, 2 stream ,are using them.

    Issues: marks allotted. 1 mark allows you to move 1 sub level. 1-2 correct questions allows a level. We are going to try and reset allotted marks for every test( that's alot of work)

    analysis ; There is no analysis that allows a teacher to assess against foci. The child version at the back of the book does not constitute an in depth analysis and cannot inform our teaching. Getting all AF4 questions correct does not show the child is confident in the area when there where only 2 questions in this Foci. This is the main reason I am writing. I saw in a website of yours that you have developed an analysis. Does this go with the comprehension tests we have 2010/ If so is it possible to have a copy. I am about to meet with other coordinator and it seems this will also be a job for us to create 1 for each test. I am getting to the stage of thinking I may as well design my own comprehension test.

    There are other issues we are trying to overcome. I sent out a questionnaire to thee teachers with a list of positive statements and disagree featured twice strongly disagree from every other statement.
  6. I agree with your comments about Rising Stars. But I think these problems are exacerbated when schools try to use Rising Stars assessment data to inform teaching. Rising Stars tests are a form of summative assessment: it gives a snapshot at a particular time, which is useful for tracking, but only if the sublevel is accurate (which it may not be because of the reasons you mention). In any case, Rising Stars are really end of unit assessments, not periodic, end of term ones, so I don't think they're much use for tracking either. They're useful as end of unit assessments only, but what's the point of an end of unit assessment? By then it's too late!
    In fact, Rising Stars only claim that their assessments are 'light touch', which suggests they aren't designed to provide data for in-depth analysis. They do claim it can be used as part of a school's 'Assessment for Learning' strategy, which is just marketing hype. It is summative assessment, not formative. If it's formative data you want, Rising Stars is a non-starter.
  7. Yes I see your point but you can use analysis for summative testing( such as SATs. You can get a view of attainment of AFs. I agree Rising Stars seems a non starter as far as formative data is concerned but I have not come across an alternative. I don't want to use APP as I think you need a consistent staff and we have a large turnover.
  8. Hi - i am a headteacher and need assessment for year 1, 3 and 4 to support teacher assessment. I had heard that raising stars inflates results is this the case? Would be interested in your point of view.
  9. Hi

    I am desperate for a copy of the sheet which works out the levels for summer test year 3 ( dont ask why but had to use it before half term and didnt realise the cd is bust and the paper sheet is missing for that page ...arrrghh can you help?

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