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RIP Grandma

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tafawke, May 1, 2011.

  1. Just writing this to say bye to my Gran. She passed away peacefully 12 hours ago in Australia. I just got the news. I can't remember exactly how old but she was in her lat 90s 97/98 maybe. The last week or so she had been in and out of consciousness and had stopped breathing a couple of times but restarted herself - typical of her - not going without a fight...But I woke to a message on every possible site (facebook, skype, email etc) to call my brother and to be honest I guessed the news.
    The funeral will be on Thursday at 2pm, no way I can possibly even attempt to go even if I wanted to...
    I am not sure how I feel. This day has been a long time coming but it is still so final. I've shed a few tears already and I'm sure there are many more to flow...
    I can't talk to anyone and share stories about her though as everyone else who knew her is in Oz with there families... I am the only one in the UK and no one here knows her. So I guess this is why I am posting... just to tell someone and talk about it...
    Thanks for just being here... xxx

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