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Right Angles

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mugwump11, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Argh! My P3 (Y2) class are really struggling with this. Anyone got any bright ideas/links to help? Mugwump : )
  2. Argh! My P3 (Y2) class are really struggling with this. Anyone got any bright ideas/links to help? Mugwump : )
  3. MarilynDan

    MarilynDan New commenter

    Fold a circle into quarters and use it as a right angle finder to look for right angles.

    If you have Roamer ....
    Roamer is BRILLIANT for teaching right angles (relating them to quarter turns and the 360 degree circle)
    See the free Roamer stuff on my website........

    There are detailed activitis, free worksheets, free powerpoints etc etc - just download them :)
    Marilyn http://www.ks1resources.co.uk/

  4. Thanks Marilyn, I'll have a look at your site. (though our roamer "died" and hasn't been replaced!)

    I have used circles as you suggested and even have testers cut out from acetate with the edgdes coloured but my less able ones still really struggling with finding right angles in shapes. They are getting pretty good at spotting acute and obtuse but when it comes to marking the right angles...

    Thanks for the help,

  5. I've just done this with my year 2 class. I made them right angle crocodiles. It looks like the head of a crocodile with his mouth open. The open bit is 90 degrees. I then laminated them so that they were stiff. The children then went round the room finding as many things as they could that the crocodile could fit in his mouth exactly. The following days the HA did not need the crocs but the LA kept them and got the correct answers. I know it sounds like a lot of work but it was worth it for me. Hope this helps.

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