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rhymes / songs for getting the children to stop and look at me, and getting there hands still at carpet time!! Also any tips for getting them to line

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by mrs pudding, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Hello there
    just had my fist day with the whole reception class - What a nightmare!! Doubting my ability to make it till friday!! Have big probs getting the whole class to stop, look at me and listen when it's time to tidy up. Also problems with getting them to tidy up but i've seen other posts i can look at for that!
    Any ideas, rhymes, bits of advice will be greatly appreciated!!
    Mrs Pudding xxx
  2. Hello there
    just had my fist day with the whole reception class - What a nightmare!! Doubting my ability to make it till friday!! Have big probs getting the whole class to stop, look at me and listen when it's time to tidy up. Also problems with getting them to tidy up but i've seen other posts i can look at for that!
    Any ideas, rhymes, bits of advice will be greatly appreciated!!
    Mrs Pudding xxx
  3. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    To get the children's attention in our Nursery and Reception classes (we are together some of the time) we clap our hands twice and that is the signal for everyone to stop what they are doing, put things down, put their hand up in the air to show they are listening and look at the teacher. It seems to work well for us. We sometimes then sing a tidy up song if its the end of session.
  4. For getting the children to walk in a line Puff the train always worked well. 'Puff the train, puff the train, noisy little Puff the train. If you go down to the sea, won't you come and follow me, Noisy little Puff the train. Choo Choo Choo ....

    I love playing music for the children to tidy up to. Mission Impossible always works well. Might be a bit soon to introduce that as its only their first full week.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  6. I wiggle my fingers, I wiggle my toes, I wiggle my ears and I wiggle my nose. There are no more wiggles left in me i will sit still as still as can be.
  7. OH MY GOODNESS ME!!! The first day wasn't so bad after all :+) but I can't get over how confident some of the children are. O.K. I'm still in shock but I'm sure I AM the one who is going to win the battle of who's in charge! Using previous experience and techniques for getting the children's attention and their concentration was so difficult because this was the first day. I don't know what extremes they (29 4-5 yrs olds)expect me to go to in order to stop speaking when I am -ie taking the register or explaining simple class rules. They just didn't get the concept of listening to a louder voice telling the to be quite and listen. I have a quiet voice anyway but can see me losing this by the Wednesday.

    I have a small egg shaped maracca that I shake close to those who are good listeners they then put everything down, putting one hand in the air and one finger on their lips -gradually (within ten secs OR SO)the rest of the class have caught on and are silent.

    Tomorrow is phase II! Target the louder children (if on the carpet keep them closest to you) shake the maracca then praise when they have their hands up etc... because THEY WILL LEARN !!! :+)

    I'm already thinking of giving them sitting partners although there are several strong characters the majority are more co-operative and will influence the minority in a posite way.

    Good Luck
  8. Try this when you want them to tidy up quickly and quietly:
    Draw a stick person on the board with features such as a hat, eyes etc. Tell them that while they are tidying up you are going to rub bits of the stick person. They have to have tidied up before it has been completely rubbed of the board. Next time make it harder, add less features, or tell them at least one part of the stick person has to be left on the board. Eventually you will train them to tidy up promptly, this challenges them to acheive a task and because you are not making any noise then they should tidy up quietly.
    You could employ class helpers, they helpers of the week are "in charge" ( they respond well when being in charge) of tidying up, lines,
    Get them to tidy up two or three at a time. Let two children be a line leader and a line ender.
    What about a traffic light system: red - they must stop and look at you
  9. When we line up I use my toy magic wand to turn them into silent mice so they don't wake the cat up in the HT's office!
  10. thank you all for the ideas! Will def be trying them out over the next couple of weeks! We have develope a tidy up song to the tune of 'hi ho hi ho' which they love and most do tidy up to like the seven dwarfs! Also have a silly follow the footsteps in front' to yellow brick road tune! Not great fo going to assembly, but at least is lk for in / out of play and i don't feel like a naggy nors all the time!!
  11. We line up in register order (alphabetical). It works brilliantly once the kids can remember where they should stand because it stops all the arguments about who is at the front etc etc. Takes a long time to get them used to it, but after 4 days some of mine have started to remember who they stand behind or in front of. Stick up line order lists everywhere so that all staff know the order and carry one round with you for at least a month! The kids are generally totally accepting of their place in the line because it is simply the rule in our class and we line up that way all the time.
    For listening we do 'whole body listening'. This is brains switched on, ears listening, eyes on me, legs crossed, hands still. I have take pics of them doing it and use them as visuals.

    These work for me! Good luck!

  12. To focus children once you have them sitting on the carpet in front of you.

    1, 2 (clap hands as you say each number)
    You know what to do
    3, 4 (clap hands as above)
    Sit on the floor
    5, 6 (clap)
    Your feet you fix (position your feet neatl
    7, 8 (clap)
    Sit up straight (straight back, arms folded/hands on knees)
    9, 10 (clap)
    Listen again! (cup hand round ear).
  13. ok, never posted here before just stumbled across this by pressing the wrong link. DARN INTERNET LAG!!! Anyway, I'm actually a drama teacher in a secondary school but have done quite a bit of work with littlies as well. For what its worth, and i'm no expert, i would spend the first hour of the day practicing how to walk around, how to stop and listen etc...all in a child friendly way of course.

    When they are sitting on the carpet, i find that praising just one works so well because then the other backs arch and they want to be praised as well.

    Another, possibly risky strategy that has worked for me, is to cover my eyes with my hands (stay with me, i'm going somewhere with this), and say, "When I open my eyes i want to see who is sitting the most beautifully blah blah blah" and then give a sticker or reward to one of the children. You can make this a constant thing by doing it at a set time each day...i dunno, i'm spitballing...

    Conspiratorial voices work well too.

    I remember when I was in reception, my teacher had a rhyme. She would start clicking her fingers and we would all click...

    "Way way back a long...time ago, a flee stepped on an elephant's toe. The elephant looked down with tears in his eyes and said...(Click)...why don't you pick on someone...you're own size"

    I remember it so vividly despite the fact that it was 25 years ago.

    Anyway, thats enough from me, back to the drama classroom i go.

    Hope it works out.
  14. NO look at that terrible spelling mistake

    "You're" should be your.

  15. hi
    i sing with them, 'point to the ceiling, point to the floor, point to the window, point to the door, hands on your.. (pause)...knees'

    the children also respond well to the phrase, 'do this... (and you put your hands on different parts of your upper body and when you say 'do that' the children are not supposed to copy you- but stay frozen in the previous position) does that make sense?

    also i find if i whisper things like 'i can see eg john is sitting beautifully' and then give him a sticker and so on giving out a couple of stickers the children go quiet to hear what you say cause they want a sticker too.

    i have a silent attention grabber where i hold my hand in the air and the children have to copy me while looking and stopping talking. this takes a few weeks to work for all but when it does it saves on the loud voice for attention.

    sorry if i went on just trying to help xx
  16. children would shoot their own parents for a sticker
  17. hi im a student and ive seen this kind of thing a lot it like copy what I do hands on head and so on I think it really helps to get the children's attention. also sometime the children enjoy leading it :) .

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