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Rhymes/songs about tigers?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by CloakandWings, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Hi, we are doing a class assembly on Tigers. We've done the Tiger who came to tea and am thinking of other things to include in the assembly. I'm looking for really simple rhymes or songs about tigers. They need to be short(ish) and have relatively simple vocab as all kids are EAL and at early stages of English. Any ideas? Thanks, C x
  2. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    It's a long shot but are any of your children Bengali? There must be loads of tiger songs from that part of the world.

  3. This is a very simple rhyme we made up for baby yoga as we were stroking the babies from head to toe. It may be of help and is to the tune "here we go round the mulberry bush"

    A tiger has stripes like long thin pipes
    A tiger has stripes like long thin pipes
    A tiger has stripes like long thin pipes
    And it goes Roar Roar
  4. If you have the Appusskidu song book there is a good one in there.
  5. What about walking through the jungle... Its not directly about tigers but I have had a Nursery class obsessed with the song and as it is repetative the children learn it quickly and some good actions you could add to it.
  6. paulsara2

    paulsara2 New commenter

    this might be the appuskidu one- used it with reception.
    Tiger,tiger, orange and black,

    He's somewhere about,

    So you better watch out.

    Tiger, tiger, orange and black,

    There on the ground

    I can see his tracks.

    So tiger, tiger, orange and black,

    I'm going home -

    Before he jumps on my back!


  7. Thank you for all your responses. No, no Bengali kids. I like the 'tiger, tiger, orange and black' song - don't suppose it's set to a famous tune? x
  8. mychalkface

    mychalkface New commenter

    Hi - I found this link to the song, if you click on the 'play short preview' blue button on the left you get to hear most of the tune -

  9. "i'm a terrible tiger" from the "Right note" junior Infants published by Folens
    Great action song, two groups one the wild tigers , the other the hunters ,
    very simple and gggggreat fun !
  10. Rumble in the jungle has a page about a tiger
  11. Thank you so much everyone. I couldn't hear the song online but have ordered that CD, since I have the first one and the kids like it! Now just to get this thing sorted ... x

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