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Rhymes or poems for people Who Help Us Topic

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by julieDenton, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. Any ideas for poetry links to this topic? Thanks Julie
  2. Any ideas for poetry links to this topic? Thanks Julie

  3. I wear a yellow hat.
    I help to put out fires.
    I drive a fire engine.
    Who am I?

    I wear a white coat.
    You see me when you are ill.
    I help make you well.
    Who am I?

    I have a big, blue and red bag.
    There are lots of letters in it.
    I bring them to your house.
    Who am I?

    The dentists chair goes up and up,
    He lets me have a ride,
    And then he tells me to lie back
    And open my mouth wide.

    He looks inside my wide wide mouth
    To check my teeth are white,
    To check thet they won't hurt me when
    I chew my food or bite.

    The dentists chair goes down and down,
    He smiles and gives a wave,
    And when I leave I get a badge
    To show that I've been brave.

    I am a special person
    A person that you now
    I'm always there to meet you
    In the rain or sun or snow.

    I stand at zebra crossings
    And make the traffic stop
    I wear a special shiny coat
    And wave a lollipop!

    Hope these are helpful. I did this topic last term
  4. Thanks thats great
  5. Here comes the caretaker
    Sweeping with the broom
    Sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep
    Sweeping around the room

    Here comes the gardener
    Zooming round the grass
    Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom
    Zooming very fast

    Here comes the postman
    Darting to each door
    Dart, dart, dart, dart
    House, school and store

    Here come the dinner ladies
    Serving up the lunch
    And here come the children
    Munch, munch, munch!!

    There was an old woman
    Who lived in a shoe
    She had so many helpers
    She didn't know what to do.
    She gave them some dusters
    A mop and some brooms;
    Then watched with a smile
    As they cleaned all the rooms.


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