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rewriting the new ks3

Discussion in 'Science' started by bms3ljh, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. hello

    has anyone re-written there ks3 sow?

    we are currently writing ours and have decided to follow a thematic type of approach

    has anyone else done this?

    how else have people written schemes of work?

    sharing resources and lesson plans would be greatly received!!

    thank you
  2. Haven't rewritten them yet, but I am in the process of rewriting ours too.

    Themed or project based modules sounds like a great idea but am unsure where to start, I want to do more than just reshuffle a few lessons and would like to link the whole curriculum to science businesses and companies. Would be happy to share resources with anyone who wants...

  3. We have rewriiten our year 7 scheme of work and have gone with a more thematic approach although we have also kept a the majority of science content from before as well as introducing a PLATS thread to each of our themes and running lessons to help support development of skills.

    Our themes started with 'The Chemist Shop' This included a general introduction to working in a science lab and then went onto chemical reactions and also some acids and alkalis linking in with skills you would need to be a chemist as well as products available in chemists (indigesion remedies etc).

    The next theme was 'Grand Designs' which looked at things you would need for a house such as energy resources (making it a sustainable house) and also electrical circuits within the house.

    We are now about to start me, myself and I which will probably be a theme that reoccurs throughout the years so more can be added to it. This covers organs anad cells as well as reproduction for the year 7s.

    The final theme is 'Home and Away' which enables pupils to look at their environment and compare it with that it other countries.

    The themes we are looking at developing for next year include Rock Band, Mission to Mars and the Doctors surgery.

    We had started to develop our themes long before our school decided to adopt a whole school thematic approach so we are now having to try and make our themes fit into the whole school themes as there were far too many hours work already done for us to scrap our original plans.

    We are using a lot of the UPD8 activities to supplement our teaching as they help to link a lot of the knowledge to everyday life and help to develop the skills.

    We are now looking at adapting our methods of assessment for these new themes and are thinking of pupils producing assessment folders which would provide a portfolio pf evidence to back up the APPs. These would include a lot of AfL tasks as well as summative assessment but we are not competely sure of how to go about this so if anyone has any ides i would appreciate any suggestions.

    Hope this is of some help I feel I have babbled a lot here. I would be willing to send a sample of our new SoW to show how we have incorporated the PLATS skills and HSW fully into our themes if that would be of use
  4. WOT



    I am in the process of rewritting our schemes would be grateful for a copy of yours.

    What does APP and PLATS stand for?

    Thanks for your help


  5. APP is assessing pupil progress and comes in the form of attainment tables where the pupils can track their progress its new for science but english have been using it for years.


    It isnt comulsory but recommended (in an OFSTED recommened way ie you WILL do it) i am surprised you havent heard of it we are currently working our behinds off to get it up and running in our department as it is highly likely to become compulsory. Its is being introduced in maths and as i said already used in english so maybe talking to some other departments would help you in this case.

    As for PLATS that stands for personal learning and thinking skills. There are 6 strands and it bascially covers the skills needed by children (along with english, maths and ICT).


    Again something we have worked really hard to incorporate it into our lessons as we feel skills are actually as important if not more important than the knowledge if the kids are to succeed in later life. My hint is to look into these as you will probably find them of some use as will the new programme of study.

  6. alisonp1984 what you have done sounds brill. I have recently taken over as head of science in a school that has just been given specialist status in science. The KS3 SOL needs a total overhaul.

    My aim is to do something similar to you but have an opp for pupils to show off to their parents in some sort of presentation/show each year. Im just completing a Forensics unit in yr7 that will be assessed using BTEC/LAT style tasks and hopefuly start our APP evidence for each pupil.

    My next unit for end of yr7 and start of yr 8 will be space (ish) themed.

    Would you be willing to trade schemes? It'd be great to have a look at how other schools tackled the new style KS3.

    My email is lisabiddulph@hotmail.com
  7. i woudl love to see a copy of the scheme of work.
    we are following scienceworks ( a brought SOW) which is good but i feel more can ve done


  8. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    We have decided to divide each year into three topics. They are called Biology, Chemistry and Physics! Yr 7 allows us about twemtty two 70 minute lessons for each topic. Yr 8 (which we are planning now) will allow us about 15 lessons on each topic.
  9. I have just finished creating a set of P4C science lessons which are standalone and encorporate some of the PLATS and HSW

    They work really well in starting discussions and i have used some of the upd8 stuff as a starting point.

    Im hoping to thread these types of lessons throughout the SOL so pupils get used to thinking for themselves and taking an interest into current issues......we can only hope........[​IMG]
  10. Hi I'm at the moment re-writing the scheme of work to incorporate the new framework and APP. I' m wondering if it's possible for you to send sample of your SOW that incorporates all the different themes?
    What is UPD8?
    email: jasperica1@yahoo.co.uk

  11. <font color="#008000">UPD8 is an ASE website that produces free resources for science teachers to use.</font>

    <font color="#008000">They choose 'hot topics' from the news and devise lessons around them.</font>

    Take a look at the link.....

    <font color="#008000">www.upd8.org.uk</font>
  12. It sounds to me like everyone is trying out lots of new stuff.....I am happy to share what my dept has done so far if other people want to do the same?
  13. BangBang

    BangBang New commenter

    It would be a great help if anyone could send me some of what their departments have done for their KS3 work.


    Thanks [​IMG],
  14. Hi,
    I noticed the p4c bt on your post....philosophy for children i guess ? I would be extremely keen to know how you have developed this..i went on the p4c level 1 course a few years ago and it went all above my head..well...i actually i enjoyed it but didnot have time to incorporate any of the stuff and subsequently have forgotten...

    please email me at

    I am also doing btec vy the way..so your thread......so we may have a lot to share..
    take care

  15. Hi thecooler
    I'm KS3 coordinator and we've decided to buy the scienceworks course to start in September for both year 7 and 8. It would be really helpful to know in more detail how you got on introducing the course, the good points and the weaknesses. Are you following the SoW lesson by lesson and using the interactive assessments? How did colleagues cope with a new scheme?

    thanks [​IMG]
  16. DrResource

    DrResource New commenter

    I'm also trying to put together a new KS3 - would welcome some swapping of notes.
    Could I have a copy as well?
  17. Hi
    We are re- writing our KS3 curriculum as a 2 year skills based curriculum. It will be taught in half termly modules and we are writing from scratch. Hopefully the first module (me as a human) should be finished withn the next week. I am happy to share ideas e mail: dcampbell5@wsgfl.org.uk

  18. miss charlie

    miss charlie New commenter

    My school had written their own yr 7 SOW that was more thematic than the previous, however we are also trying the 'WIKID' SOW from upd8.

    Personally I hate this 'thematic' story based approach it just seems so wishy washy...but I'm old fashioned like that, I may change my mind if I have to teach year 7's next year I may like it.

    Unitl then I will shake my fist at it and mumble a lot about not liking change. LOL
  19. KingKong

    KingKong New commenter

    I've just been appointed KS3 co-ordinator for my school and i have been asked to re-write/re-vamp the scheme of work to incorporated HSW and APP. To be honest im struggling a little with it. If anyone has any resources/suggestions to help me out it would be much appreciated :)

    Thanks for the help


  20. hi Alison, your ks3 SOW really sound intresting please can you send me a copy of your SOW or samples i would greatly appretiate this
    thanks my email m99esh@hotmail.co.uk

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