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Rewards System for Year 9 - 11 Students

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by freelancer1, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. freelancer1

    freelancer1 New commenter

    I wanted to know what rewards strategies do teachers use with Year 9 to Year 11 students.
  2. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Two come to mind. Post cards home and trips out. Avoid sweets and things like pencil cases etc or any type of material reward. I have found students crave a kind word and word of encouragement and praise when they do well. Friday phone calls home to parents to relate achievements go down well since then the parents can be involved.

    Once you have a list of possible rewards do a quick survey and find out what your students prefer.

    Also tea and biscuits might be a treat on Friday afternoon.
  3. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    Different things appeal to different students and then the impact of the reward from my experience tends to be short lived so ......Have yet to work in a school which has cracked the reward thing to be honest. Some of our students loved reward stickers ( even Y11 ! ) . Agree postcards and telephone calls home were well received. Money off Prom tickets was quite popular if I recall too ( not that I ever went ! ) . Agree involve the students but make it manageable - cannot be admin ' heavy ' - you don't mention a budget ?
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  4. sarah_dann1

    sarah_dann1 Occasional commenter TES Behaviour peer advisor

    Hi there,

    This previous thread might be useful... https://community.tes.com/threads/meaningful-reward-ideas.746338/

    It's also worth searching for 'rewards for older students' on Pinterest to see lots of interesting ideas and things other educators have made.

    In my current school, one department has a lovely system of 'lucky dip'. The teacher has a large bowl/box filled with random items. Some stationary, stickers, IOUs for phone call or postcard home, a few sweets, and one or two higher value items such as a £5 amazon voucher. Reward points are collected and weekly, a student picks from the bowl. The items are predominantly useful but the possibility of winning something bigger obviously appeals! It feels fun and positive and goes down well here.

    If you're looking for bigger ideas and have any money to spend things like a pizza delivery/ cinema or bowling trip etc are absolutely loved as the students seem to really appreciate the effort put in to organise and it means you spend some time away from the classroom with them which works wonders with building those relationships with older students. However, this is obviously a very rare treat or more suitable for smaller groups.

    Sustainable in-class rewards should be given often and fairly. They should be ideally free and involve minimal admin for you so it can be maintained. This is why praise and parental involvement is used so often - calling on a Friday is a great idea so the parents can be 'happy' with them over the weekend! Make sure the students know what they will be rewarded for and how they can work towards something they want. With older students I do think it's worth asking them as they might have a sensible suggestion after they say cash!
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  5. meggyd

    meggyd Lead commenter

    Bad behaviour from year 9 at this time of year? One good tip that works. If your school has a behaviour grade (1 to 4 or whatever) use that. Each lesson grade their behaviour in your planner. It simply means walking around the room at end of lessons and noting grade. My system was 1 excellent 2 Ok 3 slight concern 4 major issue. 5 1s in a row earns a postcard home. 3 and 4 some kind of sanction. If student has a break in row of 1s they have to start again but if at any point 5 1s in a row send a card.

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