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Reward systems

Discussion in 'Primary' started by chico193, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. That hasn't been the case.
    They have meaningful rewards that suit their particular problems. When you have children who attack both other children and staff (their mildest behaviour) it can very difficult to allow them to have the same rewards as others. Ok, so they don't get golden time, but they get more achievable rewards.
    What would you do in a situation where the child has been very well behaved all week, made massive improvements and then on the last day kicks a chair across a room in a rage? Would you still let them go out?
    Or even worse....the ones that earn their golden time then go straight out and punch another child!
  2. We also have golden time on a friday in our infants and the kids have to earn it. We have a Bee Chart (our symbol is a bee for 'bee cool' and good 'beehaviour') and the children draw their own bee at the beginning of the year which we laminate. It then goes on the bee chart in the classroom stuck on by a bit of blu tac. The chart is made up of 6 colours e.g. blue at the bottom, red, green etc up to yellow at the top. If the child is doing anything 'good' then they can move their bee up. "Well done for listening when I'm talking...move your bee up", "you tried hard with that .... move your bee up etc. If they do not stick to the rules then they are warned e.g. "if you interrupt again I will ask you to move your bee down" Because they have had a warning it gives them a chance to amend their behaviour. If they dont they have to move their bee down themselves. I always give an explanation as to why (it's all very Supernanny!) On Friday, those children who are on yellow at the top get golden time and those that are not don't. If they have had golden time their bee goes back to the bottom for the next week and if they havent had it, their bee stays where it is - giving them a chance for next week. It has worked really well for us for the last couple of years and the ch respond well to it and love that they get to make and move the bees themselves. Any cheaters are amazingly quickly grassed up to me too!!
    BTW - it is rare, but if they wont move it down when asked I say 'either you move it down one colour or I will have to move it down 2 colours' works every time!
  3. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    No of course i wouldn't pink.
    There are of course, flaws with my system which i intend to iron out. I agree that if a child earnt their time and then punched someone that very afternoon- they aren't deserving of their golden time.
    Because I want to do it as a whole class incentive, i'm not sure how i'll go about it really. I don't mind removing individuals from golden time at all, so am wondering about having a "backtracking" system for individuals.
    Or the above persons system sounds like it works well. Those who are on gold get it, those who aren't don't!
  4. I am now swinging between having a system of whole class earning treats that all get and a separate system of warnings and missing play, or a zone board similar to the poster above with different colours to move up and down combining reward and sanction. That way missing playtime would only have to be for the larger misdemeanours like hurting someone/being rude and smaller things could be very easily forgotten after moving down a colour but then earning back up.
  5. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Yes I like that idea a lot too, but i am concerned it will be quite time consuming when there's 24 kids to monitor and i wonder if i'd be so busy moving people up and down we'd never get any work done! And also you'd have to really keep on top of it or no one would get golden time!

    I'm now wondering about doing my pirates gold for a whole class treat - so they might get parachute games for half an hour, free play, extra playtime, etc.
    Then doing some other incentive system. I dunno. aaah so much to think about!
  6. Hi,
    I used a system like the above poster, I had a laminated dragon, all the chn's names started on it's head/body and if they minsbehaved they'd move down the tail, there were three steps down, yellow, orange and red. If they were on the red by playtime or lunchtime they'd miss it. 3 reds in a week and they'd miss golden time on Friday.

    I then moved onto a more positive approach and had a rainbow display and photos of all the children's faces instead of just their names. They'd all start out on the outer colour and everytime I caught them doing something good/nice I'd move them towards the centre. If they misbehaved they moved the other way. Anyone on the "best" colour at the end of the day won a prize (very hard to do!). The children loved having their photos on it - vain creatures that they are!
  7. Using a zone board isn't time consuming at all, I found it really straight forward to use last year. Depending on the age (and honesty) of the children, they move themselves when I say their name to leave the room at breaktime (unless they are below green, which is when they move their name up immediately). Children don't move their names during a lesson. I have a pretty good memory when it comes to who should move up and can easily spot somebody who has moved their name up that shouldn't have. The other children are also very good at picking that out! It only happened once when I introduced the system and the whole class knew not to do it again.
    Whatever system you use, it's all about training the children and consistency. Usually if a child moves below green i'll move them down myself or do the 'very disappointed' look and the child moves the name down. I have the zoneboard right at the front of the room next to my whiteboard, the HT will comment if she walks in and sees somebody below green as well.
  8. I use raffle tickets to reward the chn in my class. They get them for all sorts of things such as 10 out of 10 in spellings and mental maths, improvement in their work, being nominated as a good team player in P.E and general things such as going out of their way to help someone. I like them because i can hand them out immediately, then on a Friday we draw the raffle, chn take the tickets out their drawers and the first 3 numbers out come up and get to choose a prize (only small such as pencil, lolly etc). This has worked really well with my last class and i had a few comments from parents at parents evening. It does depend on the age of the chn but i found this system worked well for me at encouraging the good behaviours and work i expected.
  9. I try to use lots of rewards ranging from verbal praise (and High 5s),then stickers for something better, up to a choosy box for several stickers or something really special.
    As to sanctions, I tend not to use golden time as a sanction unless absolutely necessary as it's too long term. A sanction should be as immediate as possible and for repeated offenders I see their parents pronto to sort out a behaviour diary. Leaving it too long loses relevance for the child.
    I like princess's raffle idea.
  10. It's been really interesting reading all the different things people do in their classrooms and there are some fab ideas which I may have to pinch!
    I was thinking earlier about the reward systems/sanctions I generally use. I do the usual marbles in a jar/teampoints/raffle tickets for table of the day etc but the best thing that works for me is my happy/sad side which I put at the front of the class by my IWB. It's so simple and has been really efective the last two years I've used it in Year 6! If a child does something particularly good, they go and write their name under the smiley face. If they do something they shouldn't - they go and put themselves on the sad side. They can move between the two throughout the day (eg...may start on sad side but then earn their name off it, then do something good to get on happy side...and vice versa). If they work REALLY hard they can earn ticks next to their name. If, at the end of the day their name is still on the happy side, a monitor the next morning adds a tick (or ticks if they have earnt more than one!) next to that persons name on our class achievement chart. When they reach 20 they get a small prize. To fit in with a whole school reward system, they also get a 'lucky ticket' each time they are on the board (maximum one per day!) which gets put into a box in assembly which can win them a prize.
    Apologies if my rambling sounds complicated but it's a really simple and effective system to use - the kids do all the work (including writing their names on the board and awarding rewards!) - I just do the disappointed face.
  11. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I like the idea of having a happy / sad side as that kind of fits in with my 3 strikes policy on sanctions. Their name goes in the sad side and every time i have to speak to them after that it's time out or minutes off playtime using ticks.
    I'm not that keen on giving prizes away, specially not at my own expense!! Might do it so that people on the happy side get put on an achievement chart and at the end of the week get extra golden time or free ICT suite time on top of what the whole class earn golden time wise - so some get extra time, and the rest carry on working until the whole class joins in. (Minus a few extra badly behaved ones perhaps!)
  12. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I've decided my final final plan!

    Whole class: I am going to carry on with pirates treasure - as a whole class they earn their golden time through out the week. If there are children who spoil it for themselves, they will sit out, and that's just tough.
    Individual: If a child is good, they'll get their name written on the board. If their name is still there at the end of the day, they get a sticker to wear home and a tick next to their name on an "Effort chart" i recieved free in the post today. When their row of boxes on the chart is full- they win a prize (Yes i said i wasn't keen on prizes, but prizes consist of a jazzy pencil- bought loads for a quid in poundland!)
    And thats it. And i'll continue with my normal sanctions as above.
  13. In line with our school's yellow/ red card policy, I decided a red slip would mean missing the class Golden Time for that week. I started with three warnings (2nd yellow slip, 3rd red slip) but found that the children started pushing it and would amend their behaviour just before a red slip. So in the last term I made the 1st warning - yellow slip (time out), 2nd warning - red slip (contact parents/ miss GT). Seems harsh but I soon saw a change in the children's behaviour. Obv. fighting would be an instant red slip and contacting the parents.

    Last year for rewards I had a star chart. 20 stars and the chn got a prize. But that became quite hard to manage (such as chn suddenly gaining numerous stars during my PPA!) - not to mention I ended up out of pocket. So this year the most stars in a week will mean they're my Student of the Week.

    I also do 'Star Worker'- writing the names on the board of those I've noticed working hard. I might integrate into the marble system somehow. I really like the idea of the marbles as it relies a lot on the class working together for a common goal. I'll make the reward something special, like a popcorn/film afternoon of free ICT time; something they can suggest and vote for as a class.

    I'll tell you what my kids love though - even in Year 4. Smelly stickers. I found some ice cream stickers on Primary Teaching and they kids will do anything for them.

  14. I used to use raffle tickets (but I'd made some of my own design with wacky pictures and fancy fonts and there were a variety so the kids were always interested to see who'd got what picture) but going around on supply you see so many different systems it's quite interesting.
    One I really really liked was in a class where they were in teams - and used play money. They'd agreed a pay scale at the start of the year for different things - I think it was stuff like being spotted being kind was 50p, a good piece of work might be £1 or whatever, with bonus pay allowed for hitting the targets in pieces of work etc. They were also having a push on telling the time - so any kid who put their hand up and said "Miss it's now quarter past X" or whatever (was only 1/4 hour intervals as it was in the infants) got to put 10p in their team's pot. I believe the cash got counted each Friday and a team treat or something (think it was a sweet or something). It was just so detailed, well-thought out and yet incredibly easy to administer that I really liked that one.

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