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Reward system - Year 4 - my idea.... advice please!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by whoopsidaisies, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Right I have decided that by the end of today, I will have made a new reward system for my classroom. Wahooo! A target. I like it! I have been having nightmares about classroom management, particularly behaviour.

    I have a couple of ideas. One is a marble jar. I have seen this in action with Year 2s and I like it, but I've not used it before, and I don't know how it would work when the children move tables for home, maths and literacy. Any ideas?? It would be a table thing.

    The other is like the green, yellow and red cards, but instead it would be 'superstar' (or similar) card, green card, and red card (or frown). Everyone starts on the Green every day, and they would be moved dependent on behaviour/work. If you're on the super card then you'll earn your home group 5 team points (and something else??? - ideas welcome). If you're on red (after one warning), you miss some minutes of golden time, or minutes off play........ but it needs jiggling about.

    Any ideas? So I would still stick with team points, either have ICT time on a friday (if possible) or going down to Year R (if possible). But they would have no supervision down in ICT.

    Is there a way I can run these alongside each other? I'd stick with star of the week but scrap star of the day. Freddy (our class mascot) can go home with the star of the week for the weekend, and then stay with them for the rest of the week.

    Please help!

  2. I do the usual crop of stamps and stickers but Golden Time has always worked well for me for . Well, actually - I've never not used it so it's hard to imagine class life without it.
    The class all has 30 minutes Golden Time on a Friday afternoon. Children use their golden time to choose constructive play. They can play board games, go to the quiet area, draw, paint whatever they want. Bad behaviour in the week looses 5 minutes golden time (some children I've done 3 minute chunks). It's easy to set work for children who don't get the full 30 minutes.
    I've been getting the children to reward themselves using these http://education.scholastic.co.uk/content/14157 lately which went down especially well at the end of last term. It's a real shame you can't put the school name in because they'd be great to send to some of the parents
  3. I have superstar ticks. Just a laminated sheet with 8 squares on. When I feel a child should be rewarded, they get a superstar tick (put on with a dry wipe pen.) When they get 8, they get a pick from my award bag. If a child does something taht I consider extra special, they automatically get a pick from my award bag without having to build up superstar ticks. I also use stickers and certificates.
  4. Just as an after thought - do you have a robust "class rules" or "school rules" system, alongside a clear sanctions/rewards system that the children think they have had some involvement in creating?
  5. I use two systems - one is the whole school system which rewards individuals (with sanctions); and the second is a whole class one. The latter is the marbles in a jar. They might manage it once a term so the reward is fairly large - afternoon off as it were. Painting, a film, really whatever the majority want. They have to work hard for it but are always on the lookout for a marble to go across. Sometimes they ask if they've been good enough, and I don't always say yes but will always explain why.
    Golden time on Friday afternoon (I need it, I don't know about the children) although sometimes I'll use the time for Art as they really love this. They don't get Golden Time until they have finished off any work left in the 'Finish' tray.
    Works pretty well, but then I remember last year with the marble system having to exempt the behaviour of an autistic boy otherwise they would never have got one across. It needs to be tailored to your class but whatever you do needs to be seen to be fair and, if necessary, reasons for a particular choice explained to the class.

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