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Revoking the Teaching Regulations

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by anngravells, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. The Government want to make qualifications for teachers in the Lifelong Learning Sector voluntary, and revoke the Teaching Regulations (2007).
    This could take effect from September 2012.
    There is a consultation available, it’s only a few short questions – please complete at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XWMDMXC
    It’s only open for a few weeks.
  2. Done.
    But was amazed that the list of potential respondents did not include an option for those of us who actually teach in FE.
  3. I noticed that too - I went back and put a comment in a random box!
  4. Ann
    Do you think it appropriate for someone who has a high degree/level qualification and gained very good feedback to gain QTLS ? Surely, a minimum level qualification should be the requirement. Testing each year should be they way forward...

    The down side to revoking 2007 regulation is that it paves the way for cheap labour.

  5. The down side to revoking 2007 regulation is that it paves the way for cheap labour
    Quite a major down side I would suggest....,
  6. Yes ! some of the terrible training providers will be coming out of the woodwork.

    Scary,we are going backward not forward.
  7. This is a kick in the teeth for teachers and those they teach. Principals will go for cheap micky mouse training just to save money. Learners will suffer. A huge step backwards. John Hayes should feel ashamed.
  8. Can anyone on here list out the pros and cons about the proposed new and old system including the IfL situation.?

    i started my journey to get trained with the PTLLS etc after a year of searching for a stable suitable host. Funding for these courses were chopped, bumping up the prices to study and banning concessionary rates. Few places are offering affordable continuation and suggesting you skip now from the PTLLs to the PGCE to the tune of £6-7 grand. Many places are suggesting the DTLLS, QTLLS are no longer worth pursuing. Yet other articles suggests with the Old QTLLS you can now teach in a School.

    I feel petitions are good but the informed choice as to what is going on in either system still very unclear to many just starting out.

  9. I could, as could others, but I'm not sure it would help you.
    Indeed. But it is the government that has created this uncertainty, and only they can provide the answers.
    I seriously suggest you write to your MP and ask him or her to write to the FE minister John Hayes and ask him to answer the questions you are raising here.
  10. Demeter,
    shirtandtie isn't being difficult! It really is a minefield and the government are continuing to bury nasty surprises.

    Over the last few years we (FE lecturers) have been promised, threatened, cajoled and then abandoned in a quest for professionalism and/or teachng parity.
    I am afraid that I cannot, in all good conscience, offer you any advice as it is guaranteed to be out of date and incorrect by the time I press post. All I can suggest is that you look for jobs that offer training on the job. There are still some out there, maybe not in the best of colleges, but you might then get the fees paid for. Colleagues where I am are taking both PGCE and DTLLS paid for by the college. I have no idea which will trn out to be the best option!

    Good luck.
  11. I find this situation confusing. All that effort to pass DTLLS.
    I'm currently studying an additional diploma in teaching English because I teach literacy skills. Only after I complete the addtional diploma will I be eligible to apply for QTLS in 2013 because literacy is a functional skill.
    Now they want to get rid of DTLLS and I understand they are going to replace it with Level 5 Cert in FE and Level 7 Dip in FE. It seems to have devalued DTLLS which is level 5.
    May be I should do a 1-year course Assessment Only route to QTS after I get QTLS because what I have seems to have been devalued or may be I should do an MEd. Haven't the foggiest.

  12. Have signed petition and completed the survey.

    This is all just ridiculously confusing and frustrating, especially as I'm on the cusp of studying for a PGCE (PCET) at the cost of between £6-9k (depending on where I study). Is committing to a year of full-time study in order to gain a qualification to teach in the FE sector going to now be a waste of time and money?

    The reason I'm looking at doing a full-time PGCE rather that a Cert Ed is due to being unable to find the minimum teaching hours required to undertake the Cert Ed. I feel it's a chicken and egg situation ? currently without a teaching qualification and with minimum teaching experience I'm struggling to pick up lecturing hours, yet in order to get a teaching qualification the cheapest way (Cert Ed) I need lecturing hours. Gah! The upshot is I've chosen to go down the PGCE (PCET) route at a great personal expense (roll on another student loan to add to my undergraduate loan) only to learn that come Sept FE lecturers may not even need a recognised teaching qualification!

    Any advice from anyone out there?
  13. Tormac,

    I am not an expert here but looking at colleagues on my course a few have volunteered to work in a couple of local colleges for free to make up the hours, 2.5 per week over 35 weeks, job done! Just a thought! Good luck with it, it is a difficult time for us all!!
  14. It is really Gove we should be having a go at and getting a big stick to beat him with (but he might enjoy that) in his opinion the only thing that matters in education is English, Maths, Latin , Geography and history. All other vocational studies don't count regardless these are the skills that employers are crying out for. Along the lines of cheap labour we have been hit with a restructure of our college, removing 42 teaching posts, increasing the working week from 35 to 37 hours, a 14% increase in teaching hours, a cut of 5 days to our holiday entitlement and an increase in the teaching weeks from 36 to 40. All this in an attempt to pick up **** training courses that bring in the money but leave the student with a somewhat worthless certificate, one of our directors was raving over the road safety awareness level 1 cert.
  15. Hi, I'm also looking to do a PGCE in FE, as I am an Outdoors Instructor and want to teach Outdoor Education both in and outside the classroom. I know some of you believe as a vocational subject it isn't of value, but doing research with my dissertation, Outdoor Education really helps those who struggle with 'life skills' - such as Confidence and Team Work etc. (Plus also soing a degree in Tourism Management and this seems to have been dropped from a lot of schools...) Anyway I am new to this and trying to do some research for my interview. I am very confused to what IfL is about and what QTLS is going to entitle me to do - I understood it had recently changed so you can now use it to teach in Schools, but have read here that there may not be jobs as of September? Or does no one know and it really does just depend on the right job coming up at the right time. If someone could give me some insight into the FE sector and where it stands as the more I read, the more confused I am getting. Thank you in advance!
  16. Crikey who said that?
    Outdoor Ed is one of those courses that lead students into all sorts of interesting pathways - jobs, holidays, careers and businesses! I certainly wouldn't diss it!
    Have you been asked to discuss IfL in your inetrview? If not don't worry about it. It is in flux at the moment and we don't really know how it will all bed down! It is not really a question I would expect to come up in interview, unless they tell you they want you to join and gain QTLS, in which case agree!
  17. Go, Pob, go. Good thinking!
  18. Welcome back, barneyboy, in case you missed my other fatted calf post!
  19. What is this about a fat cat?

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