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Revision site - hognosesam - DT

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by j9heywood, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Oh no!!! You have been my go to and saviour since I started teaching! Wish I saved it all somewhere! :(
  2. Could we ask hognosesam to put the resources on the TES?
  3. Mr Hognosesam,
    Have your resources been uploaded now anywhere yet? - I am lost without it and my students need a focus as they are typical inner city 16 yr old teenagers. HELP!!
  4. I am very sorry, I have run the site for almost 20 years and have searched for free webspace without ads (the school will block anything with ads on it) If you can persuade TES or any other professional body to accept the site I would be more than willing to launch it for next year. My e-mail is hognosesam@hotmail.com
  5. Sad loss to the DT revision canon. :) Do you know how much paid hosting for the site would cost?
  6. hognosesam

    I must admit that I do not know your resources but check out our website www.icsat.co.uk We have recently established our own teachers centre for D&T in Bradford and it might be possible that we could host your materials. If you are interested in running training for us then please get in touch. mail@icsat.co.uk
  7. Centrepunch

    Centrepunch New commenter

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