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Revision lessons

Discussion in 'Geography' started by jadenataliegrace, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. I am really struggling with how to deliver revision lessons. I have not really had to teach them before but my GCSE class are coming up to their exams and I don't know how to put everything together for them.
    They are a very low ability, poorly behaved group so although some ideas I have seen (getting them to do podcasts/market place etc style activities) are good they are not suitable for this pupils. I dont really know how to teach revision without just "re-teaching" the syllabus. I am starting to really panic as I feel I am letting the pupils down.
    Does anybody have any ideas/suggestions or know of any place I can look at other revision sessions so that I can at least be clearer about the structure of the lessons? Also, we cover WJEC Spec B if that helps.
    Anything at all will be gratefully received, Thank you.
  2. Do they know how to draw mind maps? Lots of coloured pens, large piece of paper, images as well as words - would help students of any ability. I've also put together lists of keywords for each topic for students to take away and check their understanding - you could play all sorts of games with those words to help get them stuck into memories. 'Dominoes' is one of my favourites, but there must be loads more!
  3. I have done mind maps with them but I do think every other teacher does it with them so they tend to moan about doing them!! I have given them a key word list and played things like Pictionary and Bingo. I like the idea of dominoes though, thanks a lot.
  4. Hi

    Get some past papers and photocopy them. Separate the questions by topic, so you have a number of booklets for each topic. Then use them as a revision tool. Set them a question and look at the way they have answered it. They explain why some answers are good and others are less good.

    Teach them about revision note taking and study skills as they relate to geography.

    There are some revision resources on my website here: www.thinkingeography.com see section 8. Essays, Revision, Fieldwork etc.

    Let me know how you got on. Contact details on the website.

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