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Revision Apps?

Discussion in 'Science' started by sideshow, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. There are a couple out there. Not all that great; basic would be a good description. What you might want to do is buy a flash card app for yourself that has the facility for you to upload your own file of questions and answers to their data base and then point the kids at that? There is. One called study aid on the iPad, never got round to it myself.
  2. So no one is really embracing NEW technology. Many thanks sideshow, whilst I am on the sofa post knee surgery I will investigate this further!
  3. To difficult and expensive for a teacher to do it single handed. And the publishers are too busy write now with the new specs. I asked them.
  4. Although not an "app", GCSEpod have a range of downloadable revision aids. These are essentially an actor reading a script (produced by a teacher) covering a particular topic. There are some illustrations added too. They may be useful for a student who may do better with an auditory revision aid.
  5. There are some on Google play.

    This maths one at
    will allow students to learn and test themselves on various areas of the maths curriculum.
    This ICT one at

    presents a screen of information then uses a variety of question forms to check on what the user has learnt.
    This one at
    gives users the chance of learning some English technical grammar - for example tenses and the use of gramatical jargon.
  6. catherine_ann

    catherine_ann Occasional commenter

    There are CGP apps for core and additional science available for download and I think they are really useful to assess areas of strength and weakness as they point you to the relevant pages in the revision guide to review learning. They are available for core and additional as well as separate sciences priced at £1.50 each. There are also gcse bitesize ones for core and additional which are free to download but not as good.
  7. Have you tried Revision Buddies? They are available for both Apple products and Android and they include questions, explanations and past papers. Take a look here.. http://www.revisionbuddies.com/
  8. Have you tried Revision Buddies? They are available for both Apple products and Android and they include questions, explanations and past papers. Try googling them.
  9. This is really cool and I will be pointing my charges this way
    Many thanks!
  10. Hello Kevin,
    This is a plug: our "GCSE Science Revision Guide" has been popularly received on the Apple store, 42 review so far and 4.5 star rating. Also on Android.
    We also have free copies available now of the multi-touch iBook version for iPad, which has added interactivity.
    All science teachers reading this are welcome to an evaluation copy with no obligation!
    Links to all our apps and iBooks through our web site:
  11. Big round of applause from me!

    Have been pushing a lot of kids to your site this week - if your wondering why there's a big spike on the stats of the polymers video its probably my lot.

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