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Revised CCEA GCSE ICT CAT Task 2

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Foreignkey, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. CCEA have posted an exemplar task on their website for this. Go to the CCEA ICT Microsite - http://www.ccea.org.uk/ict/, click on the Revised GCSE Full link, then Support materials, you will get the files needed under Exemplar Extra.
  2. Just wondered if you worked it out? I am just having a go before my students. I have worked out the % (ie 5 or 10) using an IF statement in that 4th column. The commission sheet had most of the data in so just linked the rest (not sure why 3 columns are in yellow?) then a bit confused on the last sheet as to whether to put the actor fee from the cost sheet (as they say) which only has 5% commission rather than the actual worked out on the second sheet. Don't know if this makes sense or not. Going to re-write their practise one as it uses separate sheets and will link it so they link across. I had to contact the board about the last section in the database as it was not clear whether they wanted queries based on booking date or start and finish (the latter incidently).

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