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Revise for QTS tests

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by watermelon3, May 10, 2011.

  1. watermelon3

    watermelon3 New commenter


    I am starting a PGCE early years in September, I understand that the course will be demanding, so want to do all that I can now! Would it be worth me looking into the above now, or is this something that is normally discussed as part of the course?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    It wont hurt you to try the on line practice tests but the QTS tests are the most trivial part of your PGCE.
    If you do have spare time, do what you can to make sure your subject knowledge is up to date. Buy/Borrow revision guides for whatever it is and work through them.
    Any time you can spend in a school observing lessons will be good too. If you do get a chance to do that, ask the teacher if they'll point out their behaviour management techniques to you (as, unless you know what you're looking at, you are unlikely to recognise the way a teacher is doing something as being related to child behaviour).
    And enjoy yourself between now and September. This is the last part of your life where you'll think you know everything about how easy it is to teach kids anything.
  3. watermelon3

    watermelon3 New commenter

    Ha ha! Thanks!
  4. I think it is good to get them out the way as soon as you get your TDA number. I hope this link will be useful for you; http://www.tda.gov.uk/trainee-teacher/qts-skills-tests.aspx
    I would enjoy your summer though, these tests are not rocket science, and often the practice is a lot harder than the real thing!
  5. Sorry, by 'practice' and 'real thing' I refer to the QTS tests, not your teaching practice! You will soon experience the rollercoaster of emotions! All well worth it though, I got two and a half weeks left now, and it has been well worth it!
  6. watermelon3

    watermelon3 New commenter

    Ha ha again! I am so excited and so want to use my energies wisley that I am looking for things that I could do now, on my commute, to take my mind off my job!!! I hoped they werent too hard, have read about people struggeling though!

    How exciting that you only have two weeks left!!! I cannot imagine this time next year!!!

    Thanks for your help!
  7. On the one hand...dont stress about them. I am dyslexic and passed them all first time - key is to do the practice sessions a few times and you shouldnt have too much of an issue. There are also quite a few "Pass first time" books about. I got a set - wish I hadnt as the on-line practice much more valuable.
    But..as soon as you get your number in September/October, get them nailed and out of the way...then sit back and watch other people stressing about them
  8. I tried to do lots of reading before the course and spent some time on this site. However nothing really makes sense until you start. Email your course tutor and ask for some documents about the course and/or a reading list. Which course is it?

    Unless you have very poor maths, communication or ICT skills the skills tests are very easy. If you have parlicular trouble in an area, get that book. There will be plenty second hand!

    Try the practice tests and bear in mind that the actual tests don't seem to be anywhere near as hard.

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