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Review and resubmission of AQA GCSE Sciences Specifications - Update

Discussion in 'Science' started by AQA_GCSE_Sciences, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Further to our previous post we have now resubmitted our Science A and Additional Science specifications.
    This follows Ofqual's announcement that all awarding bodies have been required to resubmit their GCSE Science draft specifications and as a result we have reviewed our draft specifications.
    We have now resubmitted our Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science A, Science B and Additional Science specifications.
    The remaining specification will be resubmitted soon, to be kept up to date about when these are resubmitted register for e-mail updates.
    AQA GCSE Sciences
  2. Hi there,
    I have a friend, who is taking AQA GCSE Science A examinations in June 2012.
    She desperately needs to know the last entry date (without being charged a late fee). I have searched on AQAs website but can't seem to find the exact date. I found that it said for some modules last date is 31st March 2012.
    Please can someone check for me, or maybe someone is a Science Teacher and knows this information?
    My friend just needs to know the last free entry date on the AQA Science A syllabus.

    I got confused with all of the times!

    Please let me know,

  3. It is never free, only cheaper. I think it is at the end of Jan/start of Feb
  4. myorangecrush

    myorangecrush New commenter

    Does this mean that next year's pupils won't get exam questions on topics which the spec specifically don't need to be known?

    i.e. - steam distillation.

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