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Revealing CPD

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by Bungie, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Bungie

    Bungie New commenter

    Recently we had a whole-school CPD day with one of those ghastly, over-priced consultants teaching his granny how to suck eggs. There were the inevitable embarrassing "games", but there was a moment of delicious Schadenfreude. One of the games involved having to answer very simple, pub-quiz style questions across the range of secondary school subjects. All the teachers answered all the questions correctly (I even managed the maths and science, despite failing both spectacularly at O level!) but then came the French...
    No teacher, other than the linguists, could even attempt the French questions (despite their difficulty being no higher than Year 8 level.) When called upon to read French aloud from a card, the results were hilarious.
    We have teachers with higher decrees, doctorates and some former university teachers, but they were completely lost! My former head of department used to say "the quickest way to clear the staffroom is to ask who failed his O level French."
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