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Reusable nappies

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Lohman, May 24, 2011.

  1. I've been looking into using resuables when my LO arrives but there is SO much choice. I just wondered if anyone is using them and what experiences you had with them? Also if anyone can recommend good types or ones to avoid?
  2. I've been looking into using resuables when my LO arrives but there is SO much choice. I just wondered if anyone is using them and what experiences you had with them? Also if anyone can recommend good types or ones to avoid?
  3. Hi,
    There is at least one other thread about this but I'm not sure how to link to it... I LOVE my Bumbles, which were recommended by thenappylady website. They're pretty bulky on a newborn - they look a bit more sensible now our daughter is 14lb or so - but they've always fitted well with no leaks. Also, they have a fleece lining which is comfy and wicks moisture away so she has only had a tiny bit of soreness twice and we don't need to use any sudocrem. Oh and I just bung them in the normal wash with everything else, and they dry pretty quickly.

    It's worth calling your local authority/council as some do trial packs to hire for free. I didn't realise this so just went for the ones recommended as I was so overwhelmed by the choice that I nearly didn't bother!

    Hope that helps - I'm sure you will get plenty of advice as everyone who uses reusables tends to be a big advocate!
  4. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    Sure I just replied to this! Was it on Pregnancy as well?
  5. I use bumgenius v4 which I think are fantastic. We've only ever had a couple of leaks. I put them in on a 60c wash with normal detergent and they dry really quickly - I put them in a string bag in a bucket and then just put the string bag open in the wash. We also use reusable wipes which I love as well - LO seems to be allergic to normal wipes and we've had no rash since using them. I used www.lizziesrealnappies.co.uk - there is a questionaire you can fill in and they will e-mail you back suggestions of which to go for. I then bought two trial packs and then tried on LO once she was here - I wouldn't recommend using them from the beginning as meconium will be a nightmare to get off them. I used eco-disposable nappies for the start.
  6. Thanks for replies so far ladies. Yes I posted on pregnancy as well as I wasn't sure where would be best to post!!
  7. I use Bumgenius V3 and they work well for us. They also have poppers to alter the size so they are a birth-to-potty nappy. I chuck them in a dry bucket in a mesh bag and then sling the whole bag in the wash when it's full. I do find they stain after particularly messy poos, but we use fleece liners to help preven this and also because the fleece wicks the moisture away and so helps prevent nappy rash.
    Derbyshire County Council also do a real nappy scheme - you get a £25 cheque for supplying proof of purchase, including off second-hand nappy sites.
    Ebay have clamped down and now do not allow you to sell second hand nappies (shame - I got my first lot of 9 brand new BGs for just £60!), but I discovered this site, which is ace:
    I bought 19 more BGs in good used condition from here, with a nappy pail and several rolls of liners, for £125. I then sold the 8 I didn't need for £65, leaving me with 20 great condition BGs plus all the extra bits for the grand sum of £95. Bargain!!!
  8. Sorry to be a bit off-the-point but qu1annie - how do you find reusable wipes? are they not a big faff, esp out and about? I'd love to use them but I'm worried that they'd be a lot more trouble and also that I'd lose them (I started with 12 muslins and god knows where half of them have gone...)

    Thanks for any advice. And if anyone knows how to make Google Chrome do paragraphs, that would also be helpful :)
  9. I use motherease one size and think they're great. I have a couple of pocket nappies but when she had an explosive poo they went everywhere, whereas I've never had a leak with the motherease ones. You have the nappy, a waterproof wrap (which you don't have to change every time) and I have fleece liners for inside to wick away the moisture. I got mine second hand (think they're on the 5th baby now) and they were really good value. We've used them since lo was 4 days old (think they start at 9lbs but my lo was more than that at birth). They were pretty bulky on a newborn but that's to be expected from a birth to potty nappy. She's now 14 months and we've just moved into the large wraps but the nappies still seem big enough.

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