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Reusable nappies- help and advice please!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by chicabonita, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    I want to use these and looking at a few sites, I do think it'll be straightforward once we get started- but there are so many types and so many brands within types, that I'm not sure what to go for. They are going to be a present so money isn't really an issue, but I'd love to hear other people's experiences of them.
    I'm particularly interested in ease of use and reliability, especially as overnight has been mentioned as an issue. Looking good is nice but tbh is kind of secondary, since disposables aren't attractive anyway!
    Also are any brands too bulky, ie they make it hard to put on certain clothes?
    Thank you!
  2. I've used various different brands and have wittled my stock down to Lollipop micros, Little lambs and Modern Baby ones (from the Essex CC trial pack).
    Personally I prefer to use a separate nappy and wrap, rather than the all-in-one options.
    Some trousers will not fit over a cloth nappy bottom, but just don't take the labels off the trousers before trying!
    If you have a girl, then tights and dresses are your answer!
    I'd suggest buying a small selection of individual ones before going out and buying a full supply and see which you prefer.
    Littlelamb do a trial pack (although their wraps are not brilliant - motherease wraps seemed to be the preferred brand).
    Bamboo are most absorbant but take the longest to dry. Microfibre are very quick drying (but the little lamb microfibre seems to be quite small), and cotton are a happy medium.
  3. Hello Chica and congratulations!
    can't offer advice from experience as I'm pregnant with first baby but have been looking into this and this website may be helpful?
    Under nappy finder there are lists of local authority schemes eg Real Nappy projects, grants nad incentives and certainly in the counties close to me (South West) nappy advisors can come to your house for free to show you nappies and you can borrow trial packs of different styles (for a monthly fee) so you can try before you buy! Sounds good to me!
    Also there are some used nappy websites where you coan buy second hand nappies- apparently ebay are not allowed to sell them (class them as used underwear which is banned!) but i appreciate that is not everyone's cup of tea x

  4. There is SO much advice out there that i found it completely bemusing and didn't take the plunge for nearly two months... In the end, I used The Nappy Lady - you fill in your priorities and requirements in an online form and she makes a recommendation, which I just tweaked but more or less relied on. I got Bumbles, which I love!! My girl is big-bummed at the mo, but they will last til potty-training and are easy to use and quick-drying - fab! The customer service aspect of the nappy lady is a massive help - I had one popperless nappy whic she replaced immediately, and she was very helpful with my other queries. It cost approx £300 all in, but that's it now forever, apart from extra washing, which tbh isn't as much as I thought. Go for it, they're brilliant!!
  5. I used bambino mio's for a little while with my first baby - horrible! then swapped to motherease birth to potty which were fine, quick drying but not as absorbent as others.

    with my second I used size one nappies until she grew out of them - tots bot bamboozles, little lambs and tots bots fluffles. All were fine and I loved that they fitted well. She is now in tot bots bamboozles size 2 which will last quite a while with motherease wraps. I love the nappies made from bamboo as they are the most absorbent.

    We use a disposable at night - I don't want to interrupt her sleep to change a nappy and she does wee a lot at night!

    There might be a cloth nappy advisor in your area and she'll be able to show you all the different ones. The netmums website may be able to help with locating one. Also the website cloth nappy tree has reviews on all the different ones.
  6. Yes there are! This put me off at first too until I found a lady in my area who does 'nappy trials' - she loans you a selection of different brands/types of nappies (all fully sterilised of course!) for a week or two, you try them out then decide which you want to buy. Perhaps you could try to locate one near you? I have a boy (important as some are better for girls and some for boys) and decided upon 'Coolababy' pocket nappies. They are very fleecy inside, so quite absorbent and very quick drying once out of the washer. I don't use them exclusively (I'm afraid they're not effective enough for a 12 hour overnight stint!).
    The Coolababy nappies are extremely easy to use. They fasten with poppers, grow with your baby and are so easy to wash (I wash them at 50 degrees). The main drag is the soaking (get a cheap lidded bucket and a box of Napisan) and getting them from the bucket into the washer! Tip: use rubber gloves :) In terms of reliability, I find they can be worn for a maximum of 3 hours - any longer and you risk leaks. In reality they are just not as absorbent as disposables but if you are prepared for that then great. The benefits of not adding the landfill nappy mountain makes it worthwhile IMO.
    Mine don't make any difference clothes-wise but yes they are slightly bulkier. HTH
  7. I use bumgenius V3 one size. I love them for day to day use in terms of reliability and ease but the washing is a faff (cold wash, warm wash, rinse, can't use any additives etc). I use them exclusively EXCEPT at night - I really don't know if any of them are brilliant for 12 hour stretches (which we are finally at - after a year of not sleeping through!). I found the amount of inserts needed to absorb most night wee meant she was uncomfortable and as she moved around it all bunched up.
    We use pampers simply dry in the most massive size we can get away with (that has been size 5 since she was 10 months but she is a chubber and tall). That means we basically use 1 disposible per 24 hours.
    It is more of a pain using fabric, for sure - washing the BG is annoying, fabric nappies can't last as long as most disposibles before leaking etc. BUT I still feel, even as an active, madly busy teacher and mum, that it is something I am more than happy to take the time and effort to do, so they are worth bothering with.

  8. I use motherease birth to potty and have done since birth, although I think you're supposed to wait til baby is about 9lbs before you start (mine was 10lbs10 at birth so not a problem for me). They do make her bum big and she looks a little weird in leggings etc, but we just use stretchy clothes and they fit. Also I dry-pail so you basically just keep them in a nappy bucket (or we have a normal kitchen bin with a lid) and transfer to the machine from there with no soaking etc. We use fleece liners to keep the moisture away from her bum.
  9. When my daughter was little (up to about 6 months) she was ok in the bumgenius with a booster but once she got more active and a heavier wetter they had no chance. I find pampers "simply dry" in the biggest size really last brilliantly at night. Size 4 say they go up to 18kg and size 4+ up to 20 kg. Mine is 11.5 kg and has been in size 5s at night for a couple of months and they are 11-25 kg. The 4 and 4+ sizes have NO chance at night - I think it really does have to be the biggest size to last that long.


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