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Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by humanitiesbox, Oct 15, 2017.


Is Twitter your main platform for promoting resources? If No, which is?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Facebook

  4. Pinterest

  5. Blog

  6. Own website

  7. Instagram

  8. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. humanitiesbox

    humanitiesbox New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I recently started uploading the many resources I have put together over the years of teaching to TES and have been very pleased with the number of sales I have made in such a short time. After doing a little research on these forums, my numbers certainly don't compare to many others, but still, I never thought that selling my resources would be possible (or selling this quickly at least) and I am very happy with how things are progressing.

    The reason for my post is to ask if anyone else is primarily using Twitter as a way to promote their shop and resources? I have created an account and am slowly building my followers. Here is my link: @HumanitiesBox

    Just a thought, is there anyone else who would be interested in making a "handshake agreement" to help promote each other's tweets? A re-tweet for re-tweet sort of arrangement is what I am thinking. I know that there are many people who have a lot more followers than I do and that I would probably be getting the better deal, but I would really appreciate the support and extra promotion in these early stages.

    Please let me know if this is something that you would be happy to help with. Thanks
  2. teachercellar

    teachercellar Occasional commenter

    just followed you on twitter
    humanitiesbox likes this.
  3. humanitiesbox

    humanitiesbox New commenter

    Great, thanks @teachercellar. I did the same and retweeted for you.
  4. Alice K

    Alice K Occasional commenter

    Just followed you. Good luck with your new venture as a premium author on TES.
    humanitiesbox likes this.
  5. TheIrishTeacher

    TheIrishTeacher New commenter

    Just followed you there. I’d be interested in this. My Twitter username is: year4yellow :)
  6. PrimaryPros

    PrimaryPros New commenter

    This sounds like a lovely idea, but sadly, I'm in a worse position than you! I've only just got around to making a Twitter account, but I'll gladly follow you and re-tweet your tweets.

    I'm @PrimaryPros

    If anyone else wants to re-tweet or follow, I'll gladly do the same for them.

  7. Alice K

    Alice K Occasional commenter

    Followed you on twitter. Visited your shop- resources look good.
  8. Krazikas

    Krazikas Occasional commenter

  9. TheGingerTeacher

    TheGingerTeacher Established commenter Forum guide and community helper

    Hi my twitter is https://twitter.com/IamCharlee I will try and follow everyone back but I am a bit slack on things at the moment. I will do it however :)
    Morrisr9 likes this.
  10. Antinko

    Antinko New commenter


    I've followed and will re-tweet your posts. Would you mind doing the same for me? I have been setting up my Twitter presence over the past couple of days and am uploading my own resources here on TES with the intention of starting a shop asap.

    Morrisr9 likes this.
  11. Goodeyedeers

    Goodeyedeers New commenter

    I've followed all the above (if I've missed you out let me know).
    Will retweet.
    If you would like to follow me you can find me at @goodeyedeers
  12. chrdol72

    chrdol72 New commenter

  13. PrimaryPros

    PrimaryPros New commenter

    Hi guys,

    Going back through this list as it seems to be growing. Followed those of you on twitter and will try and retweet you as often as I can.

  14. ThePenLicence

    ThePenLicence New commenter

  15. LikeAnExpert

    LikeAnExpert New commenter

    I'd love to be involved in this. I think it's great that authors are supporting each other - @Like_An_Expert

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