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Returning to work

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by jennybean29, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone.
    This is my first time posting on here so apologies for the ramblings! My baby is 4 weeks old (completly loving motherhood!) and i'm planning to return to work full time in September when he is 7 months. The school I work at is about an hour away in good traffic but involves commuting through the city centre so could easily be 2 hours in rush hour. Previously I stayed at work until late to miss the traffic but obviously won't be doing this come September as by the time I get home the little one will already be ready for bed. Trying to work out whether to apply for a new position in a more local school for September or if the increased workload that comes with starting a new job would be more stressful than just staying in my current job and putting up with the commute.
    Was wondering if anyone had any similiar experiences and how they coped in the situation?
    Hope that makes sense, i'm blaming the lack of sleep for any spelling errors :)
    Jen x
  2. I returned when my LO was just under 7 months. I won't lie - it has been really hard. I work locally and my childcare is right next to school. I have never been more grateful to work more locally but see your point - changing schools means establishing yourself and undertaking more work if changing syllabus etc. You have a difficult choice to make but if I were in your situation I'd probably think about trying to move a bit closer to home.
  3. Hi, I returned to work last September when my LO was 9 months and have found it so hard working full time. My school is only 25 mins away but I cant drop LO off at nursery til 8am so dont get to school til half 8. Spent most of the autumn term in tears most evenings trying to get all my planning done. Have finally realised I just cant do as much as I used to, and you just have to pick the most urgent things to do. Am going part time this September which should help, and am looking for a job closer to home to cut down on travelling. If I were you, I would start looking for something closer, you dont have to apply for anything, but you dont want to miss out on that one perfect job coming up! Good luck.
  4. I went back to work after my last child was born when she was seven months old, and full time as well. I live about 20 minutes away but I had three other children and was splitting myself between day nurseries and wrap around care for pick ups and drop offs. What I wanted to say was, it can be done. We have lots of things we do to make things work for us, both OH and I work full time and have four children under 10. If you know what to expect, have contingency plans in place, and you like your job/child care all of these things are easier. If you like the job you are in but hate the journey, better that than find a job you hate and a shorter journey - it'll only feel longer because you don't want to go!
  5. Hi,
    I've been back at work since half term- my daughter was just over 7 months when I went back to work. Just wanted to reassure you that it can work! I'm not as far away as you are (about 40 mins usually) but it's working okay so far! I'm very lucky that my mum is looking after the little one so I'm tending to get in early to avoid traffic and leave early for the same reason. Plus to spend a couple of precious hours with the family! I had thought about being closer to home too but I do love the school I work in very much. After 5 weeks back I've decided to keep my eyes peeled in case the perfect post opens up just around the corner but otherwise stay put. There's a lot to be said for working with colleagues and friends who know you, know how professional you are and understand what you're going through. And, as has already been mentioned, between a very hectic life at school and the very hectic routine of teatime and bedtime at home, the 40 minute journey to sit down and sing along to my iPod is a welcome break.
    You have plenty of time until you go back. Make the most of every minute! Enjoy x

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