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Returning to work part time and retaining my TLR

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by moocow82, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. I understand that I will only be paid 0.8 of my TLR but nothing has been removed from my job description! There is no one else who can do any element of my role so my question is how do school compensate me for the difference?

    I am losing £600 pa approx - school have said there is nothing they can do - I teach all the available lesson in my allocation and have TLR time and PPA time identified.

    Anyone else come across this and what have they done?
  2. I was wondering the same. I have a TLR and am due to go through the threshold next year but am pregnant. I want to come back part time after but am wondering where I stand. Can I go through threshold on a part time basis? And can I retain TLR if only working part time? Any ideas?
  3. Its post 16 so very limited need for help and support on the one day I am out. All the other work is the same - planning, meetings, detentions, SOW, PRP, SEF etc. I understand what some of you mean but nobody will be taking any of this element of my role away from me.

    As far as my role is concerned there is very limited scope for TLR duties to crop up on a day I am absent.

    But it is interesting to read others thoughts.

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