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Returning to work after illness

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by Rosieett, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Rosieett

    Rosieett New commenter

    Hi, I've been off work for 2 months dues to anxiety and depression. I'm due to return to work part time in a couple of weeks time. I feel petrified and anxious and cry sometimes thinking about whether I'll manage and cope, as my job was big and stressful. Part of me doesn't want to go back and part of me does because I enjoyed my job and it would be a distraction. Not sure what to do. I would be able to take early retirement, but feel that I couldn't make such an important decision with my frame of mind, as I'm still suffering with depression and the antidepressants and counselling haven't done a lot for me. Thank you for your comments in advance.
  2. ambi

    ambi New commenter

    Sounds like you are not yet ready to return and it might be detrimental to you to return too soon. I agree with you that making such a big decision about retiring might not be right in your present state but give yourself a bit more time to recover. Hope you feel stronger soon. Anxiety and depression are very difficult to deal with
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  3. lynneseptember

    lynneseptember Senior commenter

    I agree with @ambi. It sounds as if you are not yet ready to return, and still need more time. However, only you know if this is the case, and if you might feel alright once you are there - sometimes the thought can be worse than the reality.
    However, if you still feel as you describe by the coming weekend, then I suggest you speak again with your GP, telling them everything you have said here, and act on their advice. Two months is not really very long to recover from anxiety and depression. You must be kind to yourself, and give yourself the time your body and mind needs.
    Take care.
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  4. eljefeb90

    eljefeb90 Senior commenter

    Excellent advice from Lynne and ambi. You need more time to get well. Like many teachers I have known, I presume WRS played a part in your illness in the first place. See your doctor and take the time to recover fully. Teaching is so full-on that a premature return will set you back. And don't even consider taking ARB until you are fully recovered .

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