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Returning to teaching

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Edlee, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Hi Folks,

    My first post.... excuse mistakes.

    I am an Early Years/KS1 teacher, ex-Deputy Head, special school experience also.

    I have been out of schools for 5 years bringing up my children but during that time have run some children's drama classes and am currently managing a Pre-school.

    I really want to get back into schools now and feel the safest route would be to find a Reception job as I am confident with the EYFS (before it changes! again!)
    My worries are: Will I be able to find a 3 day a week Reception job?
    Will anybody want me as I am on the Upper pay spine, therefore expensive, but am not down with all the latest thinking especially ICT. I have never used a Smart board. Is that even what they are called??

    Some things I am aware I don't know about such as Talk for Writing, APP, AFL (what is the difference?)VCOP.
    I am not even sure if things like the Literacy and Numeracy hour still happen or if those strategies are still used.

    Back in the day, 5 years ago, I really knew my stuff and helped to train the rest of my school in stuff like Literacy and Numeracy Strategy but has everything changed?
    Does everyone make worksheets on the computer now? I look around on this site at some of the great resources and think 'that would take me hours to make a great resource like that'.

    So- what do you think, am I expensive and past it? I actually believe I am still a really good teacher who could read up on stuff I don't know, visit other schools etc. but do you think anyone would look twice at my application form?

    Thanks for listening...
    I have read this in 'preview' format and it seems to have merged into one long paragraph- not sure how to fix that, sorry.
  2. You will never know until you try! Depends on what a school needs/wants etc. You could always volunteer in a school for awhile so they get to know you and vice a versa. Good luck.

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