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Returning to teaching to do NQT- application advice?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by j_riley200493, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. j_riley200493

    j_riley200493 New commenter

    Hi everyone!

    So, long story short I left teaching in Sept 2019 after qualifying in June. I'd started a position at a huge school, whilst suffering from IBS and anxiety (although I was in denial anything was wrong at the time!) and it ended up being the case that after consulting with the school, my GP and a union that I left my position to focus on learning how to manage these conditions and get my health back on track so I could commit to teaching full-time.

    Now I'm on the right medication, eating a better diet and generally living better, I've considered going back into teaching for September 2020, and I've found a job I really want to apply for but the supporting statement is driving me crazy! What should I say about why I left my job and why I want to return to teaching? Should I mention that I've just started lab tech work at a school and doing online CPD as a way to stay developing even though its not really in the classroom? (like is it relevant?)

    Also, if anyone has any tips on managing teaching with anxiety, I would be massively grateful! It's not a social anxiety, its mainly just a hormonal thing.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    If your user name is your name, change it! Ditto with the photo.
    have you completed Induction? I ask because you say that you qualified in June 2019 and many NQTs think that qualifying happens when passing Induction.

    what has your sickness record been like since last Sept. If good, use that to demonstrate how you have had successful treatment for a medical issue. Spin leaving the job as not wanting to inconvenience the school last year and wanting the pupils to have continuity.
    your current school lab tech job is absolutely a plus point for an application for a science teacher job. It shows that you know how to efficiently use a lab technician and it proves that you are still hands-on in education

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