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Returning to teaching - how employable will I 'look' to a school?

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by jondabell, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. jondabell

    jondabell New commenter

    I am returning to teaching after a career break.
    I was a primary school teacher for 13 years from 1999 to 2012. I grew jaded and cynical and didn't enjoy my last school. My wife and I started a family and I wanted to enjoy the little ones without weekends and evenings being about catching up on paperwork or sleep all the time!
    My wife and I stated our own very successful business in 2012, but it was recently hit during the bad floods over Christmas. We lost everything and were uninsured against flooding as we trade in a flood-risk area, meaning affordable insurance was hard to get.
    A nearby school was also massively affected by flooding, and shouted out for help. I have been working mornings with the Year 6 class in that school to help them with their subsequent staffing problems.
    I had considerable Year 6 experience (I did four years in Yr 3/4; seven years in Yr 6, one year in a Yr 7 nurture class in a high school, and one year in Yr 5). At various points Ive co-ordinated Literacy, Science, School Sports, D&T. I've also been a Key Stage co-ordinator. This stint of morning teaching work is actually reigniting me with a bit of enthusiasm for the job. Plus our business will not recover without a decent income from somewhere else.
    HOWEVER, I'm worried about employability. I will have no INSET or courses to put on any application forms, and other applicants will wipe the floor with me in terms of recent experience (even NQTs, potentially). I had reached UPS-1 on the pay scale. Someone told me you can go for MS jobs and accept a lower wage these days (it used to be that schools HAD to pay you at the scale you had reached... but nowadays it appears candidates and schools can thrash out a negotiated salary, sometimes lower than where you'd got to - Is this right??)
    I'm back into it full swing in the current Yr 6 class - rather like riding a bike, you never forget. I was rusty for a fortnight but now feel confident about the job and effective at it. I think the school would give me a good reference if I asked.
    Do you think I stand a chance in hell of finding a job? I'm based in the Yorkshire area, in Calderdale, right on the border with East Lancs (Burnley/Colne/etc.) and Rochdale. I mention it as the situation might vary from region to region.
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Looks good to me!


    a) you had successful experience in the past

    b) you now have current experience of Yr 6

    c) you have shown that you could adapt easily to a new school, new situation, new curriculum and become effective very fast.

    Start looking for jobs - I cannot guarantee that there will be one, but you need to be looking on the LA website too, as well as setting up these

    Get the TES Jobs App

    How to set up a Job Alert

    Remember that the resignation date has just passed, and if they had a resignation for Easter, they will not be able to get anyone currently in a permanent post! Same will apply after May 31.

    Get ready for any application:

    Potential problems with Facebook

    Get ready for the application season!

    And read all the applications advice.

    Applications advice: I have included here links that may not be relevant to you, for the benefit of other posters.

    2. Applying for a job in a school I suggest that you read these in this order

    NQTs start here! *** N.B. ***

    Do I have to tell my Head I am applying elsewhere?

    Pre-application visits to schools

    Why you should always include an E.S. in an application

    How to get shortlisted for a teaching job *** The basic advice***

    How NOT to get shortlisted

    How do schools shortlist candidates?

    Common errors found in applications

    The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth!

    Who should be my referees?

    Can I see my references?

    Can your Head write a negative reference for you? Or refuse to write one? Can you see what was written...

    Can I ask a school not to contact my referees just yet? ***NEW ***

    Step-by-step: How to write an E.S. *** More basic advice ***

    Executive summaries - where to start when no person specification

    Person Spec too long - how do I do an E.S.? And where do I put it? *** Beginners start here ***

    Blank E.S. Pro-forma for job applications***NEW ***

    Letter of application for a teaching job ***NEW ***

    Sharing letters of application, supporting statements and executive summaries ***NEW ***

    Application form: how to present long list of posts outside education

    How can I provide details of examination results?

    Can I omit, on an application, a period spent teaching abroad?

    No CPD to put on the application form!

    5 common errors in applications

    Come to the Jobseekers Forum (scroll down the forum list) for any more help. Now get busy reading!

    Best wishes

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  3. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I agree with all Theo's comments. I think you stand a very good chance of securing a post - good luck!
  4. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Just to add - don't worry much about the lack of recent INSET to put on your application - it's your experience that heads look for.

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