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Returning to teach RE

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by millymolly2, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Hi - am wondering whether anyone has any practical advice on where to start when returning to teach RE. I've been out of teaching for 5 years and have secured a place on a returners course to begin in January 2012. I'm trying to brush up on developments within RE since I left teaching but am feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all - does anyone have any tips on where to start? They'd be much appreciated.
  2. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    I guess that the REToday Team and NATRE would be the best places to start


    NATRE is...

    the subject teacher association for RE professionals in primary and secondary schools and higher education, providing a focal point for their concerns, a representative voice at national level and publications and courses to promote professional development.

    NATRE works...

    to address the real concerns of RE teachers in all schools and institutions. NATRE works through its Executive and Executive Officer

    to publish REsource, its professional journal ;

    to run courses for RE teachers;

    to offer support to local RE teachers? groups;

    to keep this website up to date with news and downloadable resources for RE teachers;

    to monitor government action and inaction with regard to RE and to respond to consultation papers;

    to press the case for more time, staff, training and money for RE.

    NATRE members...
    include students, primary RE co-ordinators, and subject specialists in secondary schools. They receive REtoday, Resource, a curriculum publication and the BJRE each term, and are entitled to discounts on courses and RE Today publications. They may nominate members for the Executive or stand for office themselves. We hope members value all these opportunities. We know that we need all RE professionals to join

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