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Returning to teach in Scotland. Advice needed on learning about CfE

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by ka058, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. ka058

    ka058 New commenter


    I taught for one year as a probationer back in 2010/11 and as there were few jobs in Scotland at that time, I moved to NZ. I have spent the time since teaching English Foundation studies at a private education establishment linked to the universities in NZ. I am completely out of the loop re CfE and the realities of how this works in the classroom. Any and all advice on where to get information that is not just official targets would be greatly appreciated.

    I will be returning to Scotland early next year, with the idea of getting a job for the start of the new academic year in August.

    What is it really like teaching English with CfE? What texts would you recommend I review for use in the classroom or to get me up to date on CfE?

    I am aware there is a returning to teaching course in Edinburgh, which I will attend next year, but any advice on what to do before then would be brilliant

    Many thanks

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