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Returning to same job? Advice please

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by nearly qualified, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I currently teach in a FS class (only ever taught FS for 4 years) and am due to go on maternity soon. There have been rumours that on my return (In January) I may be put in Y1 instead of FS (I am just speculating here going off what other people have heard)
    I am just a bit worried that I have never taught Y1 before and even though I know the class are fabulous (my current class) I think it is a bit unfair on them (and me) to expect me to know exactly what I am doing particularly when I will probably be stressed out with having a new baby too.
    (Last year I asked if I could move to Y1 but was told a flat out no - I want to try Y1 but not part way through a year as I would much rather have time to prepare myself and start things off in my own way if that makes sense)
    Sorry for going on but my actual question is: Am i entitled to return to my original job in FS after taking what will be just under 6 months maternity leave?
    My HT has not spoken to me about my job yet - when I asked he said he was sorting out another job in the school first before he thinks about mine!
    Thanks for any advice x
  2. Hi, sorry for the quick reply- no you're not! They can put you wherever they like. You can express a preference but as your job is primary teacher, they can expect you to go anywhere. Year 1 is fab, and at least you won't have to get to know a new class! Is there a parallel class teacher who can help you?
  3. I meant, short and abrupt, not quick!
  4. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    You will be returning to the same job, and presumably role as a class teacher.... Just not with the same class.
  5. Hi, not sure about the rules in this case but just wanted to reply about year 1 - I moved up into year 1 after a few years in R and I'll be honest it was hard work to start off with but I have gotten used to it and really enjoy it now. The biggest change for me was the amount of planning (for all the different subjects) I had to do but we're moving towards being more cross-curricular as a school so that's easing off anyway - how does your school work? Would you have a lot more planning to do or can you run year 1 like FS?
    Aside from anything you will very quickly love the fact the children are so much more independent - it'll probably just what you need when you've got someone at home who is 100% dependent on you!
    Good luck and try not to get too stressed about it! x
  6. As others have said you are entitled to return to the same job - i.e as a classteacher but not necessarily to the same year group.
    I imagine your Head will look at which class is best for the disruption a maternity leave brings - sorry if that sounds harsh but the Heads job is to balance the needs of the school and its pupils with your needs as an employee. I don't know when you are due to go on leave, or how long you plan to take off, but personally I think FS is probably one of the worst classes to disrupt in this way - they need consistency more than any other. I am really sorry if that sounds harsh, but I am offering a Headteachers view (a Headteacher who is TTC so I do have sympathy for your situation).
    Focus on enjoying your baby and your maternity leave and try not to worry about what job you are going back to until the time comes. If you asked for Y1 last year you should try and be positive about it you are getting what you wanted it should be a win-win situation for you and the school - and at least it doesn't look like they are thinking of putting you in upper KS2 ;o)
    Perhaps have a conversation with your Head about plans for next year, it might help ease some of your worries to hear the official plan rather than gossip. I don't know how you get on with your Head but if you can give your Head some idea of how long you would like to take off that will help their planning - and you can always change your mind later.

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