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Returning to PGCE?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by 14061773, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. 14061773

    14061773 New commenter

    I started my PGCE (primary) in September and loved my first placement in KS1. My second placement made me utterly miserable and I did not receive the support I needed from my school trust, class teachers and mentor.

    In February, I made the decision to temporarily withdraw from the course and pick up from where I left off in the 2019/20 academic year. Since withdrawing, I have been doing some TA work to gain more experience.

    I know there’s ages to go but I feel so apprehensive about returning to the course as I didn’t receive enough support from my university or school trust. Teaching is all I’ve ever wanted to do and they made me feel like I’m not good enough, which has really hit my confidence.

    I thought about trying to change universities (as the uni I did my UG degree at were so supportive and I know people who’ve done the PGCE course there). Does anyone know if this is possible?

    If not, how can I prepare myself to go back to the course? I’m so anxious about it going wrong again!

    Thank you in advance.
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  2. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    this isn't a good basis to go into teaching. You would have made this decision based on some storybook idea of what a teacher does, not on any of the actual reality.

    You need to reconsider all your options as an adult, with real adult knowledge, not based on the dreams of a youngster.

    Then decide if you the adult actually WANT to do it, rather than feeling like you have to follow the whims you had before you knew anything.

    Teaching does destroy people's confidence, it does leave them feeling over managed and under supported. If you hate that so much that you leave within a few months, maybe it isn't for you.

    Far better to make that decision now rather than find yourself trapped and slowly being destroyed a few years down the line.
  3. 14061773

    14061773 New commenter

    I completely understand your point but I didn’t mean it in an offhand comment.

    I’ve been volunteering and working in schools for years before starting my PGCE and, although that IS different from the role of the class teacher, I was aware of the responsibilities and effort that I would have to put in to become a teacher.

    Since I was in my first few months of training, I think that’s when the support would be essential? I’ve spoken to many people who say that the PGCE experience is very reliant on your school placement and mentor relationship. I don’t feel it would be right to compare my first few months (and weeks in a different setting) to another who has been teaching for 10+ years.

    Given that, I do understand why so many people are leaving and being put off teaching before they’ve even started.
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  4. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    well, that would depend on what you mean by "lack of support"

    you don't need to answer me here, just make sure you understand yourself.

    What is it you didn't get, that you think you should have got?

    You have a university that sees thousands of student teachers through, you have a school that presumably has seen dozens though,

    They presumably gave you the same "support" as they give others.

    No, "support" isn't a word I hear much about for trainee teachers, nor an issue at all.

    People complain about workload, behaviour, feedback they don't like or don't understand,

    Not about "lack of support"

    This is what makes me suspect that what you are actually wanting and assuming you are entitled to is not actually part of what is on offer.

    Maybe that is just your wording though.

    As I said, it isn't at all important that you explain it in words here, just that you make sure to yourself exactly what it is you want, and whether that is an expectation you can have, from a placement

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