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Returning to maths teaching after 15 years away

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by kevinweav, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. kevinweav

    kevinweav New commenter

    I'm looking at what reading I should be doing to get up to speed with the latest around the GCSE and A-level curricula, so that I can efficiently fill in the gaps on the changes during that time period. All recommendations around resources to consult are very welcome.
    Prior to leaving I had 9 years teaching, mainly in the independent sector, and it's most likely I would be looking for a return there.
    Many thanks in advance
  2. PFCDaz

    PFCDaz New commenter

    Assuming you will be using the regulated UK qualifications for GCSE and A-level (by no means guaranteed in the independent sector though).

    A good starting point is the content specifications laid down by the DfE which can be found here:

    GCSE content

    A level content

    A level further maths content

    That being said these just lay down the content and not it's treatment. The awarding organisations OCR, Pearson (Edexcel) and AQA (and to a lesser extent WJEC) created specifications from these templates and all have their own approaches, I would identify which spec is being used by your eventual employer and look at this in more detail. Obviously schools in the independent sector may not use the regulated quals and prefer iGCSE and international A-level, or International Baccalaureate etc. so to some extent knowing what the school uses will be the most important thing.

    Of course these documents only lay down the assessed curriculum, whereas what you choose to teach and how will depend on your preferences and the school. There are lots of places to go for interesting stuff if you want to, below is a short, subjective list that I'm sure others can add to or disagree with...

    Cambridge Maths (personal interest alert! )

    the NCETM and the TES both do maths podcasts aimed specifically at maths teachers too.

    One other thing, there is a new post-16 maths qualification type badged as "core maths" which is worth reading up about depending on your eventual destination, it's in it's infancy currently so may or may not grow over the next few years depending on lots of complicated factors, but ultimately whether it is included in performance measures in a meaningful way, again not necessarily relevant to the independent sector.

    I'm sure I've missed out lots of useful info, but hopefully this is a helpful start...
  3. kevinweav

    kevinweav New commenter

    Wow, thanks so much
  4. catbefriender

    catbefriender Lead commenter

    Kev, also Google TSST (Teacher Subject Specialist Training) and look for a TSST in your area. They are designed for returners, retrainers etc. There are loads out there and also, if you have QTS, consider joining the NTCL Return to Teaching Programme where they will allow you access to courses that cover the new specifications for KS3-5. Don't tell them you what to go back to the indie sector, just say you want to 'Give something back and work in the public sector,' otherwise they won't support you.

    And good luck,

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