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Returning to Headship......

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by yipeeee4, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. yipeeee4

    yipeeee4 New commenter

    ......which has to be done, despite my eyes being wide open to the continuing stresses and strains.

    Any advice on the following would be much appreciated.

    In short, due to family circumstances, I had to give up my (primary) headship five years ago to care for my children. I'd been in teaching for 25 years, with the last 5 as a head. I led the school successfully through Ofsted and beyond but found myself in an increasingly difficult home situation. I chose my family over my career and would do so again. However, the kids are now about to fly the nest and to put it bluntly, I need to go back in order to get a pension based on my headship years.

    I think it very unlikely that I could just waltz back in as a head. I've missed the introduction of the new curriculum, assessment without levels etc. I'm also not blessed with the gift of the gab and would genuinely feel a bit of a fraud leading on areas that I hadn't experienced directly. So my question to you is.....what sort of role could you see me doing? How are heads going to feel about employing an "ex-head" who is perfectly honest in their desire to get back into headship? I'm not at all pushy and really want to learn again from whoever I work for, but how will existing heads feel? What role should I go for........do you think you would go for an ex-head as a deputy? Do I need to go back to a more classroom based role, in order to get to grips with the new curriculum?

    A colleague has suggested that I write directly to heads, out-lining my position, on the off chance that they have a suitable role. My feeling is that I always used to bin such letters, or my office manager did before I even saw them!
    But I really need a job now, so is it worth a go or would it just annoy you or sound slightly desperate on my part (which I will be if I haven't got something sorted by September....) I have done some regular supply work over the past 5 years. to keep the wolf from the door so that's something to show I'm not entirely out of the loop. And it has taught me that in the future, I'll send in an experienced supply teacher if I want the low-down on how organised a class teacher is in applying whole school policies!

    Many thanks in advance for any words of wisdom that you can share with me.
  2. Skychaserhigh

    Skychaserhigh New commenter

    I would take you as a deputy head. No problem. I would also understand that you would be looking for a headship in 2 or 3 years.
    You can't buy that experience and I'm sure the right school would snap you up.
  3. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    I don't think you would stand much of a chance going back in as a Head. Except in a small rural school where there might not be much competition. . . frankly, they would see you as better than nothing! But I don't think that this would be right for you.

    You need to refresh your skills, experience and knowledge. Re-fresh and update.

    @Skychaserhigh has it spot on. You would be a valuable and supportive DHT.

    Yes, that was a major task for my secretary too!

    Writing speculative letters and sending CVs to schools, just in case . . .

    Try this instead

    Get the TES Jobs App

    How to set up a Job Alert

    Best wishes

  4. cornflake

    cornflake Senior commenter

    I'd also be keen - and have a vacancy!
  5. yipeeee4

    yipeeee4 New commenter

    Many thanks to all for your advice.

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