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Returning to a different school after maternity

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Lohman, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I was just wondering if you can return to a different schol after maternity in the same LA. I'm due to go on leave in August and want to take a full year off. I know that I have to return after a year in order to get the maternity pay but just wondered how this works if you apply for a different job in the same authority so start somewhere new in the September? As technically the LA is your employer so returing to a different school shoud still mean you are entitled to the maternity pay. Am I right on this? Has anyone done this? Only reason I'm asking is because I'm fed up with where I am and if I was to see another job whilst on leave I would want to apply for it.
  2. amsotired - that's great. It would solve a lot of problems for me if I can do this and return to a different school in September 2012.
    Do you have a link to the official 'wording'? I can't see it in the burgundy book wording online.
    So, does that mean you have to go back to your old school at all and you can do the whole 12 weeks somewhere else?
    Thanks :)
  3. Is anyone else able to confirm this? I can't find any written info anywhere!
    Thanks in advance :)
  4. Sorry to hijack an old thread, but just wondering if anyone found the offical wording for this. I'm currently on maternity leave and would like to do the same thing! Thanks :)
  5. Can confirm. I did this this year; finished with old School in Aug (on Mat Leave tech) and started new job in Sept...turned out to be a bit frying pan fire for me, but the fact is, yes, its do-able - it was my LEA that confirmed it, Union couldn't...there isn't much 'official' stuff about it. Hope that helps. All the best.

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