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Returning after work-related stress absence

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by maidofthemountains, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I teach in a small FE college and have been off work for 3 months with work-related stress leave.
    I am due to have a meeting later this week with my Line Manager and HR and I am really nervous and feel sick about the whole thing, especially as the HR person has been quite nasty about me being off work. I am taking my union to the meeting with me. I am also concerned that when I do get back into the classroom, the same situations will arise again and I will feel as unable to cope with them then as I did 3 months ago. Also, my Line Manager is very unsupportive and doesn't really want to know.
    Does anybody have any advice? My family want me to quit teaching but there is very little employment here & I can't move due to my husband's job.
    I am feeling very de-motivated to do anything right now and don't know what to do.
  2. Have you seen Occ Health? If not ask for a referal for strategies to help. Ask for a phased return.
    Good luck.
  3. fudgeface

    fudgeface Occasional commenter

    Good luck with your meeting. It's good that you are taking your union with you.

    I have returned today after just 7 days off with stress and am a bit up and down. It's a teacher day so it's not too bad. Some of my Yr 11s have come in to do some course work so I feel like I'm easing in a bit gently.

    Need to get tomorrow over with.

    I would suggest that you are not ready to return to work if you are feeling sick over attending a meeting.

    At the end of the day do what is best for you and your family

    Take care

  4. I am sorry to hear of your recent absence due to stress. I can relate to how your feeling because stress is something I am passionate about helping people with due to my own personal experiences.

    I have since created a company which offers stress coaching and training, plus you can access other free resources to find out more about what stress really is, because to most it is misunderstood. It took me a longtime to gain a deep understanding stress.

    If you visit my website you can download my free report the Truth About Stress, which I am sure will be of help to you and I'd be happy to talk more about what I know about stress at anytime.

    Here is a link to my blog where you'll be able to access my report. Hope this is useful to you in some way.


    Very best wishes

  5. Hi I too am currently off work with stress related issues. Sorry to hear of your situation and you are not alone. The situation is potentially very broad and you should not think you are inadequate or failing etc. No, the problem is from your situation and not you. It is a pity there isn't someone at work who could support you. What I plan to do is now that I have attended Occupational Health ( school's referral) I will arrange a meeting with my headteacher, myself and my union. For extra validation I am getting my school union rep in too so that they can see what is happening in school, not just my union field officer. If there are other staff affected in the future at least the school rep has an insight already. Perhaps there is a trend?? I am going to state my terms clearly as my being off is related to situations determined by others so why shouldn't I do the same? Also I plan a phased return which will help me ease my way in again. I am going to ask what the school is able to do to help me. I suspect that you like me have done things yourself to resolve the situation but so should your employer.... in the first instance. An adviser has pointed out to me that I have been burdened by problems arising from pressure and stress which only make matters worse. In effect problems which should not be mine have become so. ( eg making me think I am making the problem worse whereas this should not ever be a situation for me to consider) I can fully undersatand your de-motivation and nervousness. I am the same when I think over things but my Dr said your life is like a 'dart board' with you as the bull's eye. The concentric circles are friends, job, family etc etc. All need the centre (ie YOU) to be ok. His advice to me is to make sure I am OK. Good advice I know but slowly I can see that you should not be pressured into thinking you are 'ok'. I am going to take my time and I hope you are able to do so. We want to be fit to perform our roles and time is needed to develop this. Our expertise took time and so too the re-establishment of it. I truly hope some of this helps you.
  6. They want you to feel bad about the meeting, it makes you weaker and them stronger. Try and make sure that they don't separate your ill health from your performance on the job and treat it as two separate things, one is caused by the other, or there might not be any performance issues at all. Make sure you put your foot down over that at this early stage.

    Don't overestimate what the union rep will do for you. They're not going to fight a case, they're just going to observe the proceedings and make sure all procedures have been followed.
  7. Thanks for the responses to my post. I have had the meeting and I can see that they want to get me out.
    I have got a phased return over 6 weeks but am not allowed back in the classroom until I have had further "training".
    I have worked so hard over the past 8 years in my post and it is the lies of one student that has broken me.
    I cannot putmuch else here other than I appreciate everyone's kind thoughts and advice but this has finished me for teaching. I am handing my notice in and leaving teaching.
  8. pancake99

    pancake99 New commenter

    Good for you! I too am off with stress and also intend to leave. Looking forward to pastures new whether in teaching or not. good luck to you

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