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return to work not going as well as hoped.

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by kangaroo.poop, May 7, 2011.

  1. i have recently returned to work after 4 months off.
    i have reached the end of my staggered return and have been back 2 weeks.
    All staff have been lovely except for my boss who has been just plain rude. so far it has been said (and this can only be based on 4 months ago) that my hand writting it terrible and scruffy, i can't remember to do things. It was roughy implied that i am not a team player, when i said i didn't think something fitted with the curriculum at we were trying to deliver. Oh yes an i also tell lies!
    I really didn't believe i was that bad, i worked 9 hours a day and then did more when i got home. I have never been late or missed a deadline. I have always done exactly what is asked and never refused to halp, if anything i have offered to do more.
    the to really take the biscuit i was told to "hurry up " and "you're supposed to be in there by now!" in fairness i could tell that they had realised what they had said and tried to back it up with another statement but it was a bit late really as what was said was said.
    So far i haven't said anything, I didn't even respond when told to "hurry up." I'm just really not settled and the attitude towards me from one person in has changed. 2 weeks ago it was "we are pleased to have you back" and now that i have only been in 7 days it seems that everything that wasn't done while i was away wasn't done while i was there before either and its my fault!
    If anything else is said i feel i am going to say "i haven't been here for months so how is this my fault!"
    At this point do i pluck up the courage to say i am being unfairly treated, speak to OH or what other options do i have? or do i just sit tight and wait until they move onto someone else?

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