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Return to Teaching, of sorts....

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by innes2826, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. innes2826

    innes2826 New commenter

    Hi Everyone,

    I would really like some advice please. So here's my situation....

    I obtained my PGCE qualification (music/secondary) in 2011. I hadn't yet secured a job to start in the September of that year, so I worked as a supply teacher. The problem is, I still couldn't get my first job, and I spent five years working in supply (or as a pointlessly underpaid 'cover supervisor'). I came really close at interview on a number of occasions, but no luck!

    I was only able to complete 1 term of my NQT year in a school that I was doing supply in, which was really nice of them to help me out. And after 5 years, I was told I could no longer work as a supply teacher.

    Now, I work in a call centre (back office), and teach guitar occasionally. Well worth studying all of those years for!

    Sarcasm aside, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any way that I can get back into this. Not supply; I want to be a full time teacher. Obviously, it's been a long time. My NQT year wasn't complete, and I'm sure things have changed a lot. I would even consider doing primary education if anyone knows of any practical way to do that. I'd really appreciate your advice on this. It's really starting to get me down how things have ended up.

    Thanks for reading!

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