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Return to Teaching -courses available

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by carolinedul, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Fully funded places are available for qualified Secondary
    teachers of Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths to attend a Return to
    Teaching Course
    . EM Direct has courses running in Cambridge or North
    London starting in January 2011. If you use the link below, it will take
    you straight into the Return to Teaching section from our website.


    The benefits of doing the part time 10 week course are

    • ·
      Updating of skills, classroom experience,
      knowledge and information
    • ·
      £1,500 bursary paid at the end of the
      course on handing in an assignment.
    • ·
      The opportunity to gain a Postgraduate
      Certificate in Professional Studies in Education (1/3rd of a Masters
    • ·
      Only 8 tutored sessions to attend in venue
    • ·
      Spending 19 days in a school on a supported

    Courses are free to attend as they are fully funded
    by the TDA

    Contact Sue Taylor on 01476 512780 ext 311
  2. Hi Sue

    I tried to join such a course in the Midlands (didn't even know about the bursary until I read your post)

    Though I've been out since 1983(!) I was told I was 'too qualified' when I said I had been signed up by a supply agency but not yet taught.

    I'm ignorant of the Nat Curric, marking, IWBs, working with TAs, and have a shortage subject, (physics) but have worked for years as a youth worker, similar but different. Though I'm reading up like h*ll it's still daunting.

    Is my experience atypical?

  3. I was told by another training provider that you would be considered if you had taught for less than 30 days, including supply teaching, in the last year. They seem to be looking for Maths and Science. I'm ICT so not in a shortage subject. I think other training providers will take on primary teachers and other secondary subjects.
  4. Our next courses start in January in Cambridge and London, and from what you say you could be eligible for a place, please contact Sue on 01476 512780 ext 311,EM Direct Office will be closed from noon tomorrow until 4th January 2011for the Christmas break. Do check our website: www.emdirect.co.uk/sas

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