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Return to Teaching? - Art

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by morrestuff, Jan 4, 2020.

  1. morrestuff

    morrestuff New commenter

    Hi all. Hoping you will have some advice for me? ...Other than "Don't!" ;-)
    My degree was Design Technology B-Ed, which I taught for several years alongside IT. I was teaching IT almost exclusively by the end of my teaching days (10+ years ago and I left because I had to care for a family member). I have kept up my own art practice in the meantime and have done some other bits of work. I am thinking about returning to Art Teaching part-time - ideally up to 2 days a week which could be spread over the week. I was through the pay threshold when I left.
    Am I being realistic in hoping to teach Art part-time?
    Do you think schools would consider me after such a long break and with the knowledge that I was trained in a different (though related) subject?
    Is it like riding a bike?
    Will they think that I am too expensive?
    Design Technology has changed enormously. I would need to get on top of many things considering the amount of time I have been out of Education. I imagine I will pick curriculum knowledge up quickly. Are there quick fixes?
    Sorry for long post. Advice appreciated.

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