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return to teach ICT

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by madcat, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

    Maths is definitely the way to go.
    Apply for the Maths vacancy you have found, make the most of the fact you have worked there, albeit for a short time and your strong maths backgorund
    If this is unsuccessful , get good feedback - do you need more experience? ; should you study for extra qualifications ? - there used to be a short conversion course for qualified teachers; the TDA web site probably has details
    The future of ICT is very uncertain and you should avoid that route. Whereas, there will always be work for a good Maths teacher
    Good luck
  2. If you do not have strong programming knowledge and experience, go for Maths. You are far more likely to secure a job. ICT is all up in the air at the moment, although all the signs are that ICT will become devalued in favour of Computing and programming - the only real question is by how much.
    Can I just say how delighted I am that you are not applying to teach English.

  3. There is little or no indication that Computer Studies will become anything more than the backwater, minority subject that it always has been and the Conservative minister David Willetts recently gave it the same kicking that has been meted out to ICT of late.

    The suggestion that Computer Science is on the up is baseless speculation - most Headteachers see it as ICT with worse results and the political backing is utterly absent.

    So don't waste your time preparing for Computer Science, go for Maths instead.
  4. Hi,
    Thank you for your contribution. This has really encouraged me and I am definitely applying for the Mathematics vacancy.

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