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Return of period after missed miscarriage - help!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by rwegointocomputers, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Evening all.

    After a bit of your advice really, if anyone can help...

    I started bleeding two weeks ago and had a miscarriage. I should have been 12 weeks but it was a missed miscarriage which had stopped developing 5 weeks earlier. My question is that I had stopped bleeding and pregnancy tests show up as negative but I am now bleeding again. It feels like AF in that I have AF cramps but is it not too soon?!

    Any thoughts?!

    Rwe x
  2. Hi Rwe,
    I don't know the answer but wanted to let you know that I am sorry you lost your baby. I had surgery for an ectopic pregnancy last year and bled a few weeks afterwards. I think it is all dependent on your hormones which gradually drop after miscarriage and pregnancy loss. I was told that everyone is individual so it's hard to compare yourself according to how soon other people's cycles are restored.
    Gentle hugs xxx
  3. Hi Rwe,
    Am so sorry that it was a miscarriage - hope you are feeling ok.
    The doctors and things I've read said that you should have at least 20 days with no bleeding/ spotting/ not having to use panty liner - anything after this is considered a period. Am sure there are excaptions to the rule though. I still constantly spotting 11 days after ERPC.
    You planning to try again straight away? Think I'm going to not use any contraception but not really try - plus haven't felt like it yet.
  4. Hi Rwe - the first time that I had a MMC the situation was similar to yours - about 4-5wks between development stopping and finding out (when I started bleeding).
    This time I found out after 10 days as an early scan picked it up. I chose medical management this time as i didn't want to wait another 3wks or so for the bleeding to start with the knowledge of what had happened.
    The first time AF returned after a couple of weeks. I asked if this was likely to be the case this time and the doc said that it would probably take longer as my hormone levels had not been falling for so long as they had the first time as it was picked up earlier.
    Just re-read that to see if it makes sense - suppose it is a long way of saying that it could well be AF, it was for me when my situation was the same as yours.
    Really hope we see each other on the winter baby thread with much happier news. x
  5. Me too. Personal question so feel free not to answer but are you planning on TTC soon? I know that my hormone levels are back to zero (well the preg ones anyway!!) but no idea when cycle would be counted from!

    hope you are ok?

  6. I think we will wait for first period and then go for it. Conceived first time for first pregnancy then miscarried. It then took 4 months to conceive again and had a little boy. Concieved first time this last pregnancy and mc'd at 9wks.
    The leaflet they gave me at the hospital advised to wait 3 months to help the uterus recover but I remember reading something last year that said new research indicated it was good to conceive again as soon as possible if you are emotionally ready.
    I've got a scan tomorrow to make sure everything has gone so am going to ask about it then.
  7. I'm gatecrashing but I wanted to say how sorry I was to hear about your miscarriages. We're struggling to conceive and feel desperate but I cannot imagine how you're feeling.
    When of my dearest friends gave birth to a stillborn baby boy at 26 weeks. It was a devastating time and my love and respect for her rocketed. Their desire to be parents had not waned despite their loss so they started to try again when they felt ready. Within 2 months she fell pregnant and they now have a beautiful 3 year old son. She went on to have another healthy pregnancy.
    I suppose what I'm trying to say, badly, is that you know yourself and your body and you'll know when it's time.
    Best of luck everyone xxx

  8. No not had AF. Bizarrely I started to have more bleeding today and some dull ache/ period like feelings. The bleeding was browny in colour. I rang the EPU, as was told to after any erpc probs, who sent me to GP. Result is it may be an infection and have put me on antibiotics. Thought I'd let you know incase you need to tell gp incase of infection. Apparently bleeding shouldn't really stop and then restart - that may only be with a erpc though and not natural.
    How you doing now?
  9. Hope all is ok Andi.
    No it doesn't help. I don't care about the dating thing as my cycles are long and my dates are always out anyhow. Just think if my some amazing miracle I got BFP I would use digital one which tells you how many weeks you are! I know I prob should wait but I don't want to! Perhaps will just see what happens and what will be, will be!

    Hope everyone else is ok xx
  10. Hi rwegointocomputers,
    Ive been there (MC @ 9 weeks) and period came back after 5 weeks. Just started TTC again (hoping for BFP pleeeeeaaassse) also started using the website Mumsnet as its conception threads are great, specific ones for people who are TTC after MC etc
    Heres the link
    Ive found hundreds of women in the same situation which helps, its sometimes difficult on the TES as its mostly pregnant mums who post rather than those like us who are starting again


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