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Return of KS2 SATs papers

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tillyanne, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Has anyone else had a problem with the marking of the reading papers? Mine are really inconsistent, and on a quick glance I can see that one of mine that should have been a level 5 but just missed it is owed at least 3 marks! I've checked it in the mark scheme and the exact same answer given by another of my pupils was marked right. How easy is it to contest marking? I've been in Year 6 for 6 years now and have never had to do it! I'm going to sit and have a proper look through the papers this afternoon.
  2. We had exactly the same problem last year with the reading. We sent about 15 papers back showing where they had been incorrectly marked. Exactly like you mentioned in your post. Only one mark about of about 45 dodgy ones was changed. Luckily, this year the marking is fine. I'm so glad we did the internally marked writing papers because that has taken out the stress of getting poorly marked writing scripts back which are also rarely upgraded.

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