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Return of KS2 SATs papers

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tillyanne, Jun 28, 2012.


    NIXIEH New commenter

    Wow, as someone else new to Year 6 this is definitely very confusing.

    Can someone tell me whether we will get actual reading/maths/writing (we did external) levels on 10th or is it just the thresholds and we work out levels?
  2. groovyshell83

    groovyshell83 Occasional commenter

    from what i remember last year you get the scores and the thresholds and the levels
  3. Hi there - its my 5th year in Y6 so I maybe able to shed some light

    Some of you sound like you are trying to do this without your bursar/secretary/heads help - your county will have sent you a format into SIMS for you to fill in - on it you have to report:
    - reading teacher assessment (3a-c, 4a-c) etc etc
    - speaking and listening teacher assessment
    - writing teacher assessment

    Then the template will create an overall English teacher assessment for you. You have to repeat the above for Maths (MA1, MA2 etc) and Science (Sc1, Sc2 etc) - the computer then gives you the teacher assessment overall level for each subject that is then reported to your county. I don't know about your county but we have had really clear guidance on how to do it every year so don't worry about the weighting of each. Supposedly MA1 (using and applying) has the higher weighting but I found if that was a 4 and the others had a couple of 5's thrown in they got a 5 overall.

    Next week when SATs levels are released your secretary will be given a file to download into SIMS. This will then produce reports that you have to print off and give to parents that inform them of your teacher assessments and their NCT scores.

    My data has already gone in at the start of this week, its easy to do!
  4. Oh and in response to your question your head will get an email with a link to all your scores. You can access them to print out on the nca tools website. You or your head or assessment person will have a password for this.
  5. And you don't do anything with your writing test levels - there is a spreadsheet which you can fill in if you want to on SIMS but to be honest, you don't have to do it so I haven't bothered!
  6. clangercrazy

    clangercrazy New commenter

    thanks icclejen! Finally someone who seems to know what to do.
    So all the main teacher assessment levels we put in are not the test results, but are our assessment of them, based on APP I guess yeh?
    Starting to make more sense.................
  7. qforshort

    qforshort New commenter

    Using and applying (MA1) does have a weighting of 2. Number (MA2) has a weighting of 5. Shape, Space & Measure (MA3) has a weighting of 2. Data Handling (MA4) has a weighting of 1.

    This might help


  8. Patriciahh

    Patriciahh New commenter

    Anyone have optional Science papers back yet? Or is it online like level 6 results? Thanks for that info by the way!
  9. Patriciahh

    Patriciahh New commenter

  10. Heya, yes it's your teaching assessments based on whatever you use in your school. Some counties will let schools wait till after they have had their NC tests back to report their teacher assessments but we had to have ours in by Monday.

    Thanks for that info on Maths weighting, I was playing around with the spreadsheet as I have two boys who have a 6 in number/algebra (and did sit the level 6 paper and have been taught some of the KS3 programme of study before anyone jumps on their high horse about it) and they came out as a 6 overall.

    I am sure everyones admin will have had long detailed booklets over email - ours are like a dummies guide I promise!
  11. qforshort

    qforshort New commenter

    The thing is with the level 6 is that I was feeling worried about assessing a few of mine as level 6 but at the end of the day it's not like we're saying they're a 6A and that they know everything. We're only saying they're secure with all the level 5 work and have progressed into the level 6 objectives and can deal with some of them.
  12. Everyone seems to have their papers back. Is there anyone like us who haven't?
  13. qforshort

    qforshort New commenter

    I would be quite concerned about that. I mean the thresholds are out on Tue morning for goodness sake. Obviously your results should still be published online but it's very late for you to still be waiting for your papers
  14. Yes that's what I was thinking. Oh ec!
  15. wordclass

    wordclass New commenter

    Don't worry - chances are they'll arrive tomorrow. M
  16. I hope you're right, I hate this agitation, especially on a Sunday evening.
  17. qforshort

    qforshort New commenter

    Youpoor thing. That's a hideously long wait. I suppose the only blessing is that you'll know the thresholds almost instantly so at least you haven't been torturing yourself over those for a week and a half!

  18. Ah well, there is that. IT'S ALL A BIT RUBBISH.
  19. qforshort

    qforshort New commenter

    Well good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about x
  20. Thanks

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