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Return of KS2 SATs papers

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tillyanne, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Any more info from anyone?!
  2. sbu


    Our maths came back today. Hoping last years threshold boundaries drop by a couple of marks but know it is not likely :(
  3. Got maths back today - now the wait for the thresholds!
  4. Damned42

    Damned42 New commenter

    We had reading back, wasn't expecting it that early!

    NIXIEH New commenter

    Do they have a summary sheet with scores or is it just scripts and do we have to wait until 10th for
    the thresholds? First year in Year 6 and anxiously waiting!
  6. Maths papers arrived today - just the scripts for A,B and Mental with the attendance register attached. Awaiting the thresholds and writing papers - HT also questioned when an analysis grid would be available so that we (me) could complete the 'one, zero' analysis. Anyone know?
  7. Only scripts until marksheets are published on 10th - same with threshold tables. If you have a look at 2010 and 2011 you ll get a good idea of the likely range ......
  8. Has anyone had their Level 6 papers back?
  9. Level 6 papers aren't being returned unless they are modified version. You will be able to see the mark (and I believe the paper) online on July 10th.
  10. Oh god. Thought I had a week before I started feeling nervous as the post arrived. ARRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHH. Are you happyish with what's come back? (I know we have no thresholds yet).
  11. Happy with my maths - provided the thresholds don't change too much, the children will get the level they deserve and no surprises (apart from two who have possibly got a Level 5, but I would TA them at a high 4). So hoping they don't make a big jump! Just waiting on the reading now...
  12. Thanks KatyH for the reply. Thought this might be the case due to the differences in how these were marked and processed but then acutally found the bit in the guidance after making the post.
    Just hope that all of my children pressed hard enough with their special pencils! [​IMG]
  13. tange

    tange New commenter

    DFE e-mail came through this week. Here is a snippet.

    We will return your school's marked level 3-5 test scripts by Tuesday 10 July. If your address has changed since we sent your test materials, please contact us so we can amend our mailing lists.

    We will not be returning hard copies of level 6 test scripts, unless a child took a modified version of a test. If your school entered children for the externally marked level 6 tests you will be able to view their marked scripts online from 10 July. Marked modified scripts will also be returned by 10 July.

    Level threshold tables

    Level threshold tables for the externally marked level 3-5 and level 6 English reading and mathematics tests will be published on the Department's website on Tuesday 10 July 2012. You can use these to convert test marks into National Curriculum levels.

    Age standardised scores will be published on Monday 23 July. These convert a child's actual, or 'raw score', into a standardised score that takes account of the child's age. You can use these to understand how a child performs in relation to others within the year group.
  14. FriedEggs

    FriedEggs New commenter

    My maths papers are back also. Very happy with the results, which agree with my Teacher Assessments well. I feel some are on the high side (a few high level 3s have possibly got 4s in the test) so I suspect the level thresholds will change a bit this year (I expect the level 4 threshold to be nearer to 50 than 45 this year).
  15. I agree, a couple of my high 3's have got 4's based on last years and a few high 4's have got 5's so I think the thresholds will go up quite a bit.
  16. Might be a touch pessimistic (I sincerely hope!)
    A rise to 50 for the maths L4 threshold would be an unprecedented high in respect to recent thresholds
    2007 46 2008 45 2009 46 2010 46 2011 45 ............
    Although I am sure Mr Gove would love a national dip in standards so he can instruct his pitbull at OFSTED to rubbish us all...
  17. polly2

    polly2 New commenter

    I know our English came back but don't know about Maths. I am so scared. I worked really hard on my Year 6 Maths, giving up lunch and breaks to hold Sats "surgery" plus often had kids drop in for advice. I gave loads of revision material and plenty of past paper practise. I am terriefied they come back low and don't meet their target. There is no reason why this should happen but what if it does? Do I get hauled in front of the head and asked to explain myself?
  18. polly2

    polly2 New commenter

    And I have just noticed my spelling errors before anyone tells me off, I can't seem to edit the post though!
  19. FriedEggs

    FriedEggs New commenter

    Wouldn't it have helped more if the kids had done the hard work?
    Not being flippant, actually. It isn't the Year 6 teachers job to get them through SATs. It's the Year 3 teacher and the Year 4 teacher and the Year 5 teacher as well. Unless they made good progress until last year and then stalled, in which case I would have a good look at the teacher assessments in other years.
    We did two practice papers, one in February, one in March. That's it; the papers look like the children have done fine to me. But then my children came into Year 6 strong, with positive attitudes to learning and a strong foundation in mental arithmetic thanks to the excellent teachers in the other year groups. I've given up preparing them for SATs, I'd rather teach them to be better at maths, and not stress them out.
    I didn't even tell them it was SATs week until the Monday!
  20. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    I don't see the thresholds going up by more than 2-3 marks. They have never had a jump of more than that. There would be outrage if it happened. The press would be all over the government trying to fiddle the figures.

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