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Return of a difficult child!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by sjch198, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am an NQT working in the school where I trained. A child has had a term off and has now been given a place back in the class, my class. He has been abroad and not been in school since June. He is known to be disruptive, his parents do not believe in boundaries or discipline.
    As I was quite strict with him when I taught them during training, his disruptive behaviour went up a few gears or he resorted to laying on the floor crying very loudly, " I can't do this, I can't be this person." The sad thing is he is very bright and it has taken me the majority of last term to get the class exactly as I want them due to there being quite challenging children already in this class. I really want to prevent a deterioration in their behaviour. As we are Year 2 with SATs looming, I need to keep them on task.
    So I wondered, should I spend his first lesson back doing a circle time on rules and routines? The class have seen him and some of the boys are nearing mass hysteria at the thought of his return! I, on the other hand, want to run for the hills! Any advice on how to handle this situation would be very gratefully received. Many thanks.
  2. Thank you I took both pieces of advice. After the inital excitement, he has attempted his disruptive ways! I have been explicit with him and his parents, so let's hope this is not a 'honeymoon period!' Funnily enough, another teacher, who openly despises him, has gone out of their way to shout at him unnecessarily!! Ho-hum these things are sent to try us! But thank you again, your advice has started me off on the right path! [​IMG]
  3. lily_the_pink

    lily_the_pink New commenter

    Not that I condone the other teacher's behaviour, but sometimes you really do have to go in hard at first.
  4. Not at the expense of just one child. Whole class in September, yes I see that but this child has returned and may be trying to break the shackles of a 'naughty' label and the teacher flips out at him at the first opportunity. Chances of him trying to keep up the efforts after that? Pretty slim I would say. More chance of him trying if he thinks he has been given a fresh chance and, more importantly, a fresh shot at a new reputation.

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