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Retirement: If I knew now what I knew........

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by mountainman2017, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. mountainman2017

    mountainman2017 New commenter

    The 65 year old you has been given a chance to go back in time and give the 22 year old you 5 pieces of advice. The 22 year old you has just qualified as a school teacher........ what 5 important pieces of advice would you give yourself?
    It advice that would make you happy in life and at work.

    I can't wait to read your pearls of wisdom.
  2. install

    install Star commenter

    Do NOT go into teaching or jobs in the public sector

    Get on the Housing ladder fast

    Get trained in a job that provides Overtime pay and bonus pay

    Preferably then work for yourself

    Do not worry about the opinions of others - be happy and healthy in what you are doing
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  3. welshskyline

    welshskyline New commenter

    Trouble is, Install, that by swerving any job in the public sector he/she would not have had access to the most generous pension schemes in the country, schemes that are beyond the dreams of people working in the private sector (despite recent changes). This generosity has also allowed many people on this website to retire "early", including myself.
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  4. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    I'm with @welshskyline .
    I would say -
    I) Do your best and take it seriously.
    ii) Your income is and will be very important to you as will your pension. Think twice before taking eight years out - look at all options before getting out of the swim and losing those pension contributions.
    iii) Take advantage of any training - you need to be up to date.
    iv) Grow up and don't be such a softy - some people are nasty - their loss. You're not there just to make friends.
    v) Be professional above all. Define that if you can :).

    Those "pearls" are definitely the things that would have been relevant to my working life and are probably total irrelevant to any 22year old now.
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  5. SteveKindle

    SteveKindle Occasional commenter

    Get the mortgage down as quickly as possible.

    Be less 'cavalier' with money.
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  6. Prim

    Prim Occasional commenter

    Everything in moderation :)
    Plan for the future.
    Clear debt as soon as possible
    If you have a mortgage make this a priority.
    Love your job
    Don't waste time with people who have no respect
    Enjoy everyday
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  7. plot71

    plot71 New commenter

    Do 3 to 5 years max in teaching, leave for industry with a great set of skills and leadership tools. I did that and it made much more difference together with earning so much more than those left behind. Then I became a single parent and returned to teaching, that took me 9 years to earn what I previously had.
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  8. install

    install Star commenter

    Good point welshskyline BUT I would still advise a younger me to steer clear of the public sector and to put money into property/ investments rather than work in the public sector. That would cover the pension bit and more.

    I have a few mates who did rather well that way...
  9. Darthteacher

    Darthteacher New commenter

    You don't like teaching or is it t
    You don't like teaching?
  10. Lord Snooty

    Lord Snooty Occasional commenter

    Happy in life and work?
    1. Care for those you love
    2. Help those who need help
    3. Enjoy every day as if it were your last
    4. Try and learn something good every day
    5. Travel and see as much of the world as you can

    The teaching bit? Yep it's important but life itself is far more important!
  11. Nebka

    Nebka New commenter

    I agree with Lord Snooty enjoy everything you do and life will be sweeter. I loved teaching although it was not my first career choice but I don't regret it. Be as independent as possible, pay off the mortgage asap, look after yourself, travel and laugh a lot.
  12. mountainman2017

    mountainman2017 New commenter

    I like your attitude. But what about money for when the work ends?
  13. mountainman2017

    mountainman2017 New commenter

    so I guess buying a private pension would not be on the list of things to recommend to the 22 you?
  14. thistledoo

    thistledoo Senior commenter

    1. Learn to say 'no' in lots of different ways.
    2. Believe in yourself and your 'gut' reaction.
    3. Do not put the job first.
    4. SLT and management are not always right - put your own views forward, researching pro's and con's to 'fight your corner'.
    5. Pay off the mortgage as soon as possible.
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  15. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    But the 22 year old you would have spent most of their career in the days when company schemes were pretty good. I am speaking as a 60 year old me with the bulk of my income coming from a bank pension fund.
  16. PeterQuint

    PeterQuint Lead commenter

    Just a slight aside on the job.

    I'm not sure I'd tell myself to do anything differently on the work side of things.

    I was young, idealistic, hard-working and did a lot of stuff I didn't need to, but that's because I wanted to.

    However, if my 22 year old self found himself at that age TODAY, that's something quite different. Teaching today is a completely different job to the one it was back then.
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  17. red_observer

    red_observer Star commenter

    1 Learn that if you go for promotion, you wont get it at all and that sometimes this is due to a clash of personality with the person interviewing you.
    2 Learn that you can try your best and sometimes if comes off, other times it isn't good enough for others!
    3 realise that many students appreciate what you do for them even if they don't say thank you
    4 kids will let you down even if you get on with them
    5 Most colleagues are just that, not friends
    6 Teaching can be a very rewarding experience
    7 SMT don't respect your opinions
    8 Having an opinion can make you be seen by SMT as a trouble maker
    9 stick to your principles and values if you think they are right
    10 realise that it is a way of paying the bills, sadly!
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  18. mountainman2017

    mountainman2017 New commenter

    Wise words
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  19. mountainman2017

    mountainman2017 New commenter

    Yes teaching is completely different
  20. mountainman2017

    mountainman2017 New commenter

    Lots of great ideas - What is your biggest regret work wise?

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