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Retirement Courses?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by angiebabe, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Angie....I am not sure you need a course if you read through the questions posed by Tilly in her post! [​IMG]
    Those were all the " How will it be?" things I considered...without any prompts, because retirement is a big step. However..it tends just to 'happen' and then you adjust.
    I am very wary of most courses which help you 'plan'. To be honest...My main concern was to stop teaching...and then you build a life without school and your colleagues in it. The advice would be to 'join things' I imagine and your local papers and online sites are the best source of info with regards to what's happening in your vicinity.
    I am no financial guru but again I tend not to have much faith in those with a vested interest in helping me save or invest my money. (I suspect they are on hefty commission...)
    Given I am no whizz-kid with the pennies, I still found enough in the money pages of the daily papers to have an idea about where the best place for my lump sum was. Places online like Martin Lewis's site are good...with lots of links to investigate...and you get the impartial views of others too, which I often need to help me make up my mind...You also need a current account of course, but it didn't take me long to work out exactly how much I'd need to get by on each month...to cover the utility bills and living expenses etc.
    Teachers Pensions staff have always been very clear and helpful when I've been puzzled by anything...and they always answer their phones! [​IMG]
    Of course we are all different...but I have always liked to steer my own ship...and so far, (I have been retired for a while now) I haven't floundered. There are lots of us young retirees about now...and I am always here for a natter should you want one. (I don't have any money to invest now...so the sharks have stopped sniffing about around my ship...)
    There was no transition for me...and most employees don't get courses before they retire. The lovely thing is Angie..there is no pressure any more, and lots of time in which you can do research and if needs be, go and chat to people in the banks you already use. They'll all want your money of course...but if you go with a view to getting certain questions answered...well, I found that was enough for me.
    Good luck! X

  2. bump... due to eejitry of another

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