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Retail work at weekends while on supply?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by dnesbitt2491, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. dnesbitt2491

    dnesbitt2491 New commenter

    Hi all,

    I am just looking some advice really. I have recently moved to Northern Ireland after 2 years as a primary teacher in England. I have moved and had done all the work necessary to start supply work in September. I have been offered a weekend job for a friend in retail to keep me going while I am on supply in case there isn’t much work at the beginning.

    Is it a good idea to take this on? Or would it potentially hinder my chances of getting a maternity or full time post in the future if I was shortlisted for an interview?

    I really don’t know what to do as the cash would be really helpful but I am unsure if it is the right move for my career and getting a full time position.

    Any advice would be really appreciated.
  2. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Hi @dnesbitt2491

    Welcome to the forum.

    If the job is for a friend could you discuss the possibility of flexible terms with them; in other words, if you were to get a long term role, could you give up the weekend work without putting them in an awkward position.

    If you were to get a long term post either permanent or a maternity cover, then it would be difficult to do both jobs. so of course you would want to give up the weekend work so you could rest and plan on the weekend.

    If you were to work at the retail post and go on interview at a school, you could explain you would give up the weekend work.

    A school would not hold it against you that you worked a weekend job - how do they expect you to live? Last time I looked, you couldn't take thin air into Sainsburys.
  3. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    Go for it - supply teaching is a very uncertain way to make a living.
  4. Deirds

    Deirds Senior commenter


    My advice would be to go for it. Many jobs require customer-facing experience. Your weekend role will give you that. (I know pupils are tricky customers but a role potential employers understand is more helpful).

    In the long run I would advise looking for roles outside teaching. Use quiet times on Supply to research careers and retrain.

    Good luck.
  5. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    Just before I started supply teaching - and for a short time after I worked at a very large supermarket. Mostly nights but some days as well and I really enjoyed it.
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  6. lynneseptember

    lynneseptember Senior commenter

    I think it would be a good idea to go for it, especially as it’s for weekend work, so won’t impact on supply days. In addition, supply can be quite slow to get going in September.
    If you are fortunate to obtain a full time teaching post at some point, then you can give up the weekend work.
  7. Happyregardless

    Happyregardless Occasional commenter

    I've actually done this so speaking from experience. I had to obtain a Summer job one year on supply and managed to work with M & S as a retail assistant. However, they stated that they couldn't just offer the job over the Summer so I had to continue for 3 months and actually in the end worked up until Christmas. In September I started a longer term supply post in a local school, which was long term cover for a senior teacher on sick leave. Most of the planning was either already in place, or at least in terms of schemes and medium term plans and the rest was collaborated on or just done by the parallel teacher. I found it okay. I don't know if I could have done it for longer than that and probably not with the church/social commitments I now have but it helped me survive financially during pretty desperate times. So I guess it depends on the kind of retail role it is ( mine was basic tills, stocktaking etc) and what kind of supply role you take on. Sometimes one form of work is a relief and a help to teaching, sometimes not. Only you can decide Overall you will have less planning, statistical paperwork and assessment to complete as a supply teacher. Your weekends are really free to do with what you like in that sense or should be. If a supply contract is asking you to do all this and more then I would be thinking of negotiating something else.
  8. freshfriesan

    freshfriesan Occasional commenter

    Take it, it might be all you get. I know ni. My cousin been qualified 3 years, she gets supply but she wants permanent. A lot of it is sewn up with who you know over that way, particularly primary. Yeah, take what you can if you need the money.

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