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Results Day - any tips?

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by half_inch, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Does anyone have any tips for results day they wish to share?
  2. In relation to what?
  3. Sorry. I meant in relation to the logistics of the day, getting all the exam data processed and reports made as well as get the results out to pupils. It was a challenge last year with a new data manager and glitches to SIMS because we had just changed all the school servers. Mistakes were made in Excel and the first totals we reported were wrong! We had data on some subjects missing so it held everything up. Then everyone wanted different information about the results and they wanted it immediately, so there was a lot of stress.
    I was just looking for tips on how to make it run smoothly.
  4. Processing the exam data should be fairly straight forward with SIMS. You'll inititally download the data via EDI from the exam boards (my school uses Web Exchange), which can then be imported into exams organiser. The whole process shoudn't take more than 10 to 20 mins.
    Getting the data into a format where you can produce stats can be more problematic. If you're just using SIMS/Excel you'll have to export the data onto broadsheets (I'd recommend using the exports from exams organiser itself rather than using marksheets exported from assessment). You may have some issues getting BTEC results out as the basedata doesn't contain the codes exams organiser needs to produce the broadsheets.
    If you want to save yourself a lot of time, hassle and stress I'd recommend looking at one of the systems out there that can help you to produce your stats. I believe the market leaders are SISRA and 4 Matrix - we use SISRA in my school and it's a great service.
    As far as producing results for the kids, you can print out statements of results directly from exams organiser. Print them out by academic year rather than season and you'll be able to get most of the results on much less paper. You may need to print out separate slips for your vocational results that don't get entered via exams organiser - I think a mail merge or individual report from SIMS assessment are the only realistic options here. I wouldn't recommend using the slips from the boards - they tend to arrive too late on results day and are a stress to get into the envelopes!
  5. We used 4Matrix last year and it was really useful. I am looking forward to using it again in August. You can import your results in one go and you instantly have a certificate you can give to every pupil with their picture on it. You can merge in any missing subjects and it produces your headline results immediately. It automatically produces a performance report on every subject which HoDs realy like.
    I think with SISRA you upload your results. With 4Matrix it pulls them out of SIMS for you. We have stopped using Assessment Manager because 4Matrix goes so much further and is so easy to use. There are loads of features in it and we use it all year round although it is of maximum value the day the results come.
  6. Nice sales pitch!
  7. Agreed. Why re-invent the wheel in Excel?
    The enhanced data security by keeping all data on site is a major plus for systems like 4Matrix.
    Schools seem to take a far more lax approach to sending data off-site than when I worked in industry.
    Once data has left the premises you have no guarantee where it is held, who has access to it or where it will end up, no matter what your supplier says.

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